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Kenshin Himura

Under the Layers and Layers of Gentleness
Your warm smile hid a tinge of sorrow





True strength doesn't come from how well you can perfect a technique, how well you can handle a weapon, how will you can wield a sword. It doesn't come from without but within. It comes from how well you can listen to your heart and heed its call. It is how truthful you can be to yourself.

A person who fears no death is strong. But a person who values life is even stronger.

I like Kenshin not because of his sword technique though it's a REal BIG PLUS cos a winner always look cuter and easier to admire.
What's most fascinating is how he can stay calm in any situation and stick to his Principle of helping and not killing. And how he can understand the psychological mindset of victims and turn them around to help them. HIs True Strength lies in his mind and his willingness to face the truth. Because if you can't face the truth, you continue lying to yourself and can't find the missing piece of puzzle to your life. 
He's a guide for many who had been led astray in the turbulent times.
And in spite of the many he had killed, he had to live, in order to save and help the even more people he will meet.

On another note ..

Changing times changing climate changing focus... e world is really changing and full of change all the time.. you have to be constantly on the look-out and stay ahead of time.. n even if i know e philosophy/theory, e hardest part is actual implementation. Everyone, every field, every industry, has a different requirement. No one can copy another's person path in life bcoz each path/destiny is unique only to the person. It's so hard to find e path, but yet, we have to.

There's lotsa maybes in life..That makes us think of the future.
From Kenshin:
We can't be together all the times. In time each of us have to sprint towards our own different destiny. But this is not separation. Its expedition. It's not the end but the beginning. ALthough it's sad but that's the way life is.
When there's separation, there'll be gathering. The end of one season marks the start of another. Maybe beginning and the end are the same.

























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