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Hey you all. This is WeiQin if you don't know, otherwise known as Qin or Qinnie, works either way~
I built this site for fun. Okay it's not for fun, it's for you. All for you~

Ordinary Miracles came to me when I was watching a cartoon, "The Magic Riddle" on the 22 May, *soilovecartoons.*
Yeah so the cartoon was really nice. I've been watching it since it was made in 1991, it was on VHS.
and and it's like all the kinds of fairy tales mixed together. There's Snow White, Pinocchio, Cinderella and even Little Red Riding Hood.
and and the ending song was "Ordinary Miracles", so hence, this site is called "Ordinary Miracles"

A few things to know about me..

I am SHIMSng Wei Qin. I will be turning 2116 on 26 June. I like playing the sex saxophone and I love painting. =) I live an ordinary life, not poor but not luxurious either. *shrugs*
I AM happy and contented with what I have but I do have wishes and dreams to fufil, maybe one day I'll create my own Ordinary Miracle.

i like - SHINHWA*, SECHSKIES*, DongBangShinGi*, MLTR*, Blue* and 911*. <333

i strongly DISLIKE - stupid people who think they know a hell lot about me but don't
beacuse you don't know me. So don't point your stupid finger at me and assume.
Assuptions are practically never right. So don't think you know me well enough to JUDGE me.
people who think I'm blind to see what you're doing,
hate to break it to you, I'm not blind even though I'm wearing glasses. I just don't say anything.
At least I know how to keep my mouth shut.
Other than those kinda people, HEY I LIKE YOU~ YOUKNOWIDO. <3333

And and my spacebar isn't spoiled. n.n ijusttypelikethissometimesbecauseilikeit.
It's so weird why people keep asking me is my spacebar broken.


You know I love you if your name appears in the SHOUTOUTS But you know I like you anyway~ <3333

ordinarymiracles, hmm, seriosuly I don't know why I call this section ordinarymiracles. just take a look~ <3333

Links are the websites I go to, my xanga and other stuff I guess~ Do visit them <333 AWESOME people there~

Last of all, the wishlist is just of list of things I want to accomplish or want to have. *youcanhelpfulfilmywishlistifyouwant.* *wink*

AND one more thing, I built this site on my own using this blank notepad. and and I made the layout myself so it ain't that great.