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Hi! Welcome to The Shepherd's Haven! Good news for all the exciting fans out there! I have uploaded a lot of great pics for you guys! More to come surely! Be sure to catch the regularly updated galleries of my photos and my buddy's. Guess what, Babamon's pic will be available soon! (guess most might know which one, but I just put it there for the sake of doing it)

Anyway, thanks for everyone's feedback! I will be doing a own customised guestbook real soon. So stay tuned! It's been a very wonderful year and I really thank all my friends for their support :-D

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"...Listen to my story, This may be our last chance..."

03/10/2004, Sunday (One day before field camp)

Well, it has since been almost a year since I last updated this. I am working on a new design but since I got my NS committment and other 'moonlighting' stuffs, it's gonna be very slow. Anyway, time to update you crazy fans about what's going on this year...

It has been a very good semester for me as I made a lot of breakthrough in my programming life, as well as for SP too. We are the first team in SP DIT course to do a 3D multiplayer game in Java and OpenGL. We are also one of the very few students to develop bluetooth applications in J2ME. Cool eh? But too bad no distinction. Guess 'A' is good enough for a lazy bum like me eh? After so many years of hard work in SP, I finally recieve the diploma cert... Feel so shiok sia! At last, I am a certified professional liao ^_^

My love life has not really been going well for me. Casmin and I did not really make it. Yah, we had misunderstanding and our friendship kinda end abruptly. It feels strange, but I confessed my feeling to her 4 days before my birthday and we ended 4 days after hers. Nevertheless, her existence made me realised that I have neglected people around me a lot. I realised that there's someone who is always there for me even when my attention is on someone who is far far away. How can I be so stupid as not to realise it? Actually I am aware, but well, things do happen lah, ah? I dun have the courage to confess to her, after all these while. I scare 5 years of friendship may just go down the drain... hai~ Well, nonetheless, I have decided to pluck up the courage as soon as I can find the right atmosphere....

So far NS life is still quite good to me sia. Tomorrow will be my field camp. Quite alot of things happened, but I am sure that I will make it through one! I din have any new pics at the moment, also coz of the new design. So just be patient ok, guys? :-)