Introduction of myself

Name Patrick Lee.
Marital Status 07am- 3pm...Single / 03pm-11pm...Married / 11pm-7am???
Education No study
No of kids One who attends the TinyTots Childcare Center
Residence Queenstown
My Work Click on this link My Paddy Field to find out.


Food Spaghetti in light olive oil.
Dislike Spicy, filthy rich and oily stuff.
Fruit The seasonal DURIAN; dubbed the King of fruits in our tropical Island.
Drink RED... red wine.


Photography, fishing, swimming are some of the things I enjoy doing during my spare time. Of late, I have learnt to build myself a Celeron 566 and an Intel Pentium 3, 733Mhz system before moving on to learn how to build this webpage.
Thanks to the 3 hour crash course on "Introduction to Basic Webpage Creation" which I attended at the
ONE LEARNING PLACE , which gave me an idea of what the subject is about.

To my wife Roselyn and daughter Elycia.
Thanks for their support, tolerance and advice during the past month while I was busy with the creation of my first Personal Homepage

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