Phone-lost/stolen Alerter for Windows Mobile

PAlert Express Version 1.00 for Pocket PC (PPC 2002/WM 2003/WM 5) is a must-have for PDA phone owners.

With PAlert Express Version 1.00, if your phone is lost or stolen, worry no more! You will be notified via SMS to a pre-designated phone number of your choice, should anyone swap the SIM card in your phone with his.

This SMS will have sufficient details such as the phone's IMEI No and the SIM card's IMSI No, to enable you to recover your phone or make a police report.

PAlert GPS Version 1.00 is also available for Pocket PCs with built-in GPS device. In which case, you will also receive SMS information on the locations of your phone!

Please contact Philip Goh if you interested.

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