Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Me

1. I am affectionately known as Yati or Rinnie.

2. I love being on the Internet.

3. I keep my dirty little secrets close to my heart..

4. I am here because I'm not in the US of A.

5. I want to jump out of a 100th storey building but still be alive n kicking.

6. But I won't ever do that coz I'm extremely scared of heights.

7. I wanna go to Europe.

8. I hate cockroaches & lizards and any other creepy crawlies.

9. I'm a practising Muslim.

10. I do not play any musical instruments.

11. But I'm nuts about music.

12. The reason I'm crazy about most things related to Indon is coz of my background.

13. I'm prone to mood swings.

14. I can be very emo.

15. I've gone through 13 years of the education system in Singapore and still counting...

16. I think of death a lot.

17. I don't smoke.

18. I don't do drugs.

19. I don't club.

20. I'm extremely chatty when at home.

21. I'm a midget.

22. I label and organize all stationery.

23. I'm love my Ning loads.

24. I love Samsung phones. And no, Samsung did not pay me to say this, though I wish they did.

25. I love cookies. Choc-chip cookies, to be exact.

26. I try not to bitch.

27. I think too much. Way too much.

28. I always give people the impression that I'm quiet and dumb.

29. I have a very high temper but I hide it with sarcastic yet subtle remarks.

30. I wear a bra to bed.

31. I'm addicted to Doux chicken sausages.

32. I'm reminded of Justin Tay whenever someone mentions JT.

33. I believe in destiny.

34. I'm very short-sighted.

35. My birthday is in July. (remember that!)

36. I have deep dark brown eyes.

37. I'm a righty.

38. I sleep in the wee mornings.

39. I really fear losing people that I love.

40. I always use the word 'kental'.

41. I realised that I once had hypocrites as friends.

42. I love the smell of freshly-cut grass.

43. I don't like handsome guys.

44. I indulge in foot reflexology sessions. Very ah soh-ish right? Heheh.

45. I was known as 'the girl who likes Faisal' in secondary school.

46. I was made to pay the library fines when i went to sch to collect my A Level results. sheesh~

47. When I was younger, I wanted to be a boy.

48. I feel for nerds/geeks.

49. I hate being ridiculed.

50. I listen to oldies.

51. I talk to myself. Always. All the time.

52. I can remember what happened 10 years ago but forget what I ate for lunch.

53. I'm bad at lying.

54. I feel sorry for the animals in zoos.

55. I'm scared of having girls as my bestfriends.

56. I get a thrill when I see guys heading to/coming back from thier Friday prayers.

57. I hate egoistic people.

58. I'm on a different wavelength than most of my peers.

59. I punched the Maths whiz way back in primary school.

60. I love my parents to bits.

61. I wanna go to K.L.. NOW.

62. I can suddenly laugh out loud while travelling in the train alone.

63. I can spend the whole day in the National Library, Borders, Kinokuniya, etc.

64. I've gotten beaten up before.

65. All of my break ups were initiated by me .

66. I don't care what others think about me.

67. I wanna die in my sleep.

68. I hate medicines.

69. I have been in the E.R.

70. I have loads of teddy bears.

71. I dream a lot.

72. I contemplate a lot.

73. I think I'm dark.

74. My dad & brother calls me Mrs. Brown (figure that out...).

75. I've thought about committing suicide.

76. I hate wet markets.

77. I love supermarkets.

78. I relate to guys better than girls.

79. I find it wrong to judge people.

80. I don't believe in having regrets.

81. I love putting on lip balm.

82. I have weird friends.

83. I would go to absurd lengths to justify my cravings.

84. I am a funny person.

85. I believe that digging one's nose in public should be a crime.

86. I cry until I can't breathe.

87. I blame myself a lot.

88. I write a lot.

89. I'm hemophobic.

90. I'm a very confused individual.

91. I laugh at most things which others don't find funny.

92. I have periodical habits.

93. I do not like sitting near the windows when in planes.

94. I lose my temper mostly at home.

95. I clean up my room when I'm pissed.

96. I forgive but I'll never forget.

97. I argued with my secondary school Malay teacher over my name.

98. I should start loving myself more.

99. I've been keeping a diary ever since I was 14.

100. I sometimes daydream about how my ideal date should be like. *grins*

101. I can't cook for nuts.

102. I believe in love.

103. I cannot fathom LOTR.

104. 7 is my favorite number.

105. I love thunderstorms.

106. I love cheap thrills.

107. I hate superficiality.

108. If I am made Prime Minister, I would make it punishable by law if one doesn't shower in the morning.

109. Guys often tell me I'm a "great buddy but not girlfriend-material". Whatever that may mean, sheesh...

110. I have a very sharp instinct.

111. I'm always getting sick.

112. I am compulsive.

113. I'm very very supersticious.

114. I'm a walking contradiction.

115. I love to laze around.

116. My friends think I'm too kind.

117. I can cheer.

118. I love football/soccer. And yes, I know what offside is.

119. I've sworn off downloading stuffs over the Internet.

120. I believe in the supernatural.

121. I experience a lot of Dejavu.

121. I'm a chocoholic.

121. I love my purple towel.

122. I've never seen my grandmas.

123. I wish my grandpa was still strong as he was 8 years ago.

124. I always have stomach cramps.

125. I was born on a good day.

126. I am a fat kid.

127. I like taking long bus rides to nowhere.

128. I find Cameron Diaz and Sandra Bullock to be fine actresses.

129. I hate whiny people.

130. I'm particular about my food.

131. Do not ever make me drink Green Tea. I'll just end up puking on you.

132. I find guys with bulging muscles gross.

133. My conscience is overpowering.

134. I have unsettled thoughts.

135. I want to live in a cottage.

136. I love buying perfumes but I don't wear em.

137. I like things to be in a certain way.

138. I don't watch porn.

139. It's always infatuation and not love with the people I have been with.

140. I don't wanna die alone.

141. Ning occupies more bed space than I do. And she's just a cat.

142. I wanna migrate.. to Malaysia. I just love that country lah.

143. I am currently having this crush on a guy who was my primary sch classmate. But I doubt he even knows I exist. Sigh~

144. I have morbid curiosity.

145. I fear death. Nopes, actually, its more on God.

146. I'm a very laid-back person.

147. I like learning new things.

148. I have a very short attention span.

149. I like writing my name neatly and nicely on exam scripts.

150. I'm smart.

151. And dumb.

152. Last I checked, I'm an INFJ.

153. I have a lot of friends from around the world.

154. I dream in colour.

155. I wanna be in the banking industry.

156. I see myself as being married with kids in the future.

157. My life is a bitch.

158. And so am I.

159. I remember someone's character by their scent.

160. I'm an unbalanced feminist.

161. I like being in the middle cabin when taking the MRT.

162. I like to travel to school alone.

163. I need deadlines so I can work.

164. I could drink Honey Milk Tea with pearls every single day.

165. I wear a tudung.

166. I like to smile.

167. I collect perfume bottles.

168. I wanna lose 11 pounds.

169. I eat my veggies.

170. I am very sarcastic.

171. I have a mind of my own.

172. I have an attitude and I'm not afraid to use it.

173. I have always loved Disney movies.

174. I would love to be able to read people's minds ala Prof X/Jean Grey.

175. Gimme apple strudel anytime, yum-yum..

176. I was chatting on the net when the Twin Towers collapsed.

177. I use the toilet in my parents bedroom.

178. I enjoy watching chick flicks.

179. My dreams are always telling me stuff.

180. I have trouble saying 'I love you'.

181. I sleep on the right side of my bed.

182. I am very animated.

183. I'm very observant.

184. I hate Breadtalk. They're everywhere... argh~

185. I love indiscriminately.

186. I MSN my brother even though he is 5 steps away from me.

187. Calling me names won't offend me.

188. I used to collect erasers.

189. I dig Jostein Gaarder. Patricia Cornwell too.

190. I'm lactose intolerant.

191. I hate parties.

192. I am a loner.

193. But I like attention.

194. I like nice suprises.

195. I'm proud that I was from J.I.. Gosh, I love that place. There's just something about the school, people...

196. I would give my life so that my loved ones could be happy.

197. I don't wanna be an idiot.

198. I'm really scared of disappointing my parents.

199. I have tangential emotions.

200. I have wrote 200 things about myself.

~last updated: November 25 2006, 2026hrs