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Hi dudes n dudettes!! 

Greetings to one and all………………..

Please bear with us in this feeble attempt to introduce ourselves, our aspirations, our work, our wheels and our whatever more…We are no more than ‘wheel’ lovers.

We are a bunch of working class guys who happen to be working on the sacred isle called Jurong Island. Have you ever imagined what it is like to be working in a place that is so ‘heavily guarded’ ? Coming into Jurong Island itself is just like going thru’ the Causeway to Johor Bahru. Ah but then, security and safety is of utmost importance right?....right!....right? Yeah, whatever…

If you would get to know us better, you would realize that our members’ cars range from an externally humble 1.0 cc to a director’s 3.0 cc. We’ve got members who are on 2 wheels as well. These guys on 2 wheels are mostly doing so for the ‘lurve’ of feeling the ‘wind beneath their wings’ if you get what I mean.

What does ‘RADWHEELS’ mean? Well, you’ve heard of extreme sports, eco sports and many more. ‘RAD’ is the abbreviated form of the word RADICAL and in this word we personify EXCELLENCE. ‘WHEELs’ simply means wheels, bikes or cars. So it literally means ‘Excellence on Wheels’. We are not out to prove that our members have cars that can outrun the Evo 8, nor are we out to prove that we have members who have driving and riding skills that can give Schumacher and Rossi a run at the race pit. We’ve just got together to discuss and share information on issues like car maintenance, simple modifications, workshops and advice among other things….This place was not set up to compete nor to prepare to compete but more of a place to unwind and to de-stress…not to create distress.

Browse thru’ give us your opinion & ideas. Best yet, be one of us at ‘RADWHEELS’. SAFE DRIVING AND RIDING! Cheers to you amigo’s and chico’s.  

Do feel free to contact us :

ABZ : abz1@email.com

R6 : radwheels03@yahoo.com.sg


Site created 18th JULY 2003