.:About Me:.


Name: Ho J-Jeo

Date of Birth: 27th June 1979

Sex: Male

Race: Chinese

Nationality: Singaporean

Personality: Relatively quiet and sentimental

Interests: Soccer, Listening to Music and Ballards, Singing, Computer Issues, Star Gazing

Favourite Football Club: Arsenal FC

Soccer Position: Left Back / Striker

Favourite Food: Laksa, Salmon, Curry Stuff and Soup.

Favourite Number: 10

Education History:

Teck Ghee Primary School
Beatty Secondary School
Serangoon Junior College
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT / SIM)

Army History:

Nee Soon Camp: PTP / BMT Leopard Coy (Recruit)
Pasir Laba Camp: BSLC Alpha Coy
Pasir Laba Camp: ASLC Golf Coy
Tekong: BMTC 1 Alpha Coy (Instructor: 3SG Sergeant)
694 SIR (NSmen Reservist Unit)


Customer Service Officer (M1) 15 July 2003 - ??


rainydae10@yahoo.com / intuition10@hotmail.com

ICQ UIN: 4627180