4_October04,monday -- Down With Japan(?)

met yongcheng on the bus today, and he was surprisingly albeit unintentionally thought provoking. gundam seed happened to be showing on tv mobile, and i pointed up at the screen and said, "What a coincidence. Come to school watch this one, go home also watch this one."

"i don't watch it. anyway, i think it's very stupid. what's the point! and those japanese cartoons, hmph!" he scoffed, and then proceeded to go on at length about the japanese and the invasion of singapore.

i said "but it's 60 years ago" and he went "it's against nationalism" (he meant patriotism that kind) Was thinking its scary. all the japanese did to US was invade for three years and we already cannot forgive them, what more of china? often i find myself looking at the chinese and thinking they are quite a terrible people for holding a grudge for quite so long. but i think i understand now. i used to hate the japs too, with a passion, until i sold it for anime and manga. hahaha. suddenly zhao wei kenna-ing all the shit, while it isn't Pleasant, is seen with some sort of understanding and sympathy.

anyway. i die. gp's so screwed. econs was much better than i expected though. :D but passing's still a problem. the point is i didn't sort-of-panic and screw up the paper a la gp. hahaha. off to study.

1_October04,friday -- 2 Days

spent the morning and early afternoon trying to swallow seasian history. so i am rewarding myself with a break (2 hours and counting). i think i'm just aiming for a pass. whatever ambitions i might have had before shall be pushed to next year. URGH. that's HAPPY children's day for me.

might be going out for dinner. :D

after watching singapore idol realised i have finally confirmed that the judges are useless, save ken lim whom i think i think is hilarious. they just say "oh i like it, oh i don't like it". if the contestant is lucky he or she might get a "you need more presence" or something but other than that... sigh. taufiq sang well. but what did those three sad sods (saw you what missLian was wearing!) said? "i didn't like it". i thought they'd lost their ears. i like leandra. i like david yeo, if more for his charisma than his singing. "what kind of questions is that!" he exclaimed when ken lim asked him if he thought he was better than the other contestants. as though ken lim his best friend like that. that open sincere thing endears him to the general population, i would say. i like taufiq. i like sylvester. there's someone else i like, but i think i cannot remember. tsk.

30sept04,thursday -- Red Alert

it is exactly 8.30 am again, and i am starting to panic. shall not elaborate upon the amount of progress made yesterday. bad for my health.

feeling crushed at the moment thanks to a combination of factors. hai. i want this shitty promos over so i can go play mini tennis and badminton and watch 2046 and read all the nice books they have in the ny library. shall treat myself to a cd too. :(

Lolly~ gambatte yo.

i think i'm like the moon, feeding off the light that you radiate, limbs flaccidly flopping in the pallid pool of my own spirit. Trying yet not trying to shine on my own, and so reduced to nothing more than a parasite.

29sept04,wednesday -- Kiss My Stinky Feet

it's 8.30am and i am up to clarify my doubts on a certain Very Important Issue:

"Those applying for Psychology must have at least a pass in Mathematics at the GCE 'O' level." - Nus, Psychology



The arts and social sciences faculty rocks. A whole list of courses drops down when you hover your cursor over it, and DAMN it's SO.BLOODY.COOL. There're all those culture studies and history and lit and psychology and sociology! wheeeeee.

all i have to do is pass the As. which means i have to pass my promos. sigh. off i go.

28sept04,tuesday --I've Been Cheated!

I don't like the stinky taiwanese. we, the size of mucus?! tis most shocking indeed. i suppose they must have never cleaned themselves, which explains two things : they do not know what mucus is, and they are so full of shit. sorry. have had this long grudge against the taiwanese. -shrug-

depressed. mid autumn festival today and i'm not celebrating. next year, next year. sob. even the mooncakes this year don't taste as good. next year I shall get the mooncakes. with yolks and all. hai.

the people around me mugging are terrible. it came to me today: there are all these people who mug too hard. they study through the night, through break and raise the average mugging level. how can normal people like me who want to study in moderation survive?! i seriously think i'm not that slack. but i am being forced to turn into one of those mugging idiots in order to keep up. conform or die. and the worst thing is that it is these muggers who will come out and complain that they're stressed, or commit suicide and all. take time to smell the flowers please. i am displeased. i don't want to be reduced to Perfect Muggerdom, it pisses me off to the extreme. I suppose you could argue that it is my choice to do mug or not. but i suspect muggerdom has a drawing power. it is a black hole. see, generation One muggers Mug, and other hardworking people see them and panic. Kiasuism rears its ugly head and generation Two is born. the less hardworking sees them mug and panic. Generation Three is born. you get me? i put this really badly. =/ never mind. sore loser grousing. tsk.

27sept04,monday -- Moshimo

If only...
I wish...

25sept04,saturday -- My Heroes

strictly speaking they are NOT my heroes, but i think they're real cool anyway. go watch new police story if you haven't. it's good. sure, it's overly weepy at some bits, and the extended bit on the top of the bus just makes no sense, but other than that it ROCKS. it's great to see jackie chan as the hero rather than just the "funny chinese dude" as he often plays in hollywood flicks, with emotions deeper than what tradition requires of him. and his girlfriend is so pretty lah. nicholas tse was the funny guy this time round, floppy fringe and all. it's so drool worthy lah. hahaha. and siew tee's darling daniel wu. YES, he was good, YES you're not being biased dear. LOL. his character very poor thing. heart pain for him ah. can't believe daniel wu's thirty years old already. tsk. where has he been the in the past ten years? how come now then i know he exists?! tsk. anyway, i am determined to buy FIRST, cos it's got the poster. hehehehe. u just try and stop me. and the vcd when it comes out. then again, must think first. i wanted to get master and commander, and i want to get a notebook for cambodia/china and books. ;___; ginny, i think i shall join you in your money making ventures. LOL

ten thirty got mark wahlberg and jennifer anniston in a movie called Rock Star. Looks good. hehehe >D

not watching, ahaha. anyway, if you are reading this, please reply in my tagboard, whether i know you or not. If we went on an outing together and we didn't speak much would you feel uncomfortable? compulsory question, so please reply. thank you very much. lovelove. :D

24sept04,friday -- Essays Are Evil

I think i've stopped thinking. i do not make clever jokes, i cannot get TIOBE. i think TIOBE laughs at people exactly like me, who takes life too seriously. tsk. something should be done about my slipping grasp of the english language too. =/

ALGERNON: Well, one must be serious about something, if one wants to have any amusement in life. I happen to be serious about Bunburying. What on earth you are serious about I haven't got the remotest idea. About everything, I should fancy. You have such an absolutely trivial nature.

i like the play though. very funny. :D

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