11October04,monday -- Winding It Back

Denise just called, haven't heard from her in a long time and got chided for not contacting her or lolly after the promos,hahaha. hmmmm...

lolly, will call you soon. :D

[edit 10:22pm : LOOOK!!!!!!!!! made by a certain ms. ginny chua.]

8_October04,friday -- Dig Deeper Down

its the last day of the promos, and i am not relieved like i should be. quite on the contrary i feel more burdened, more depressed than before and i think i want to go yell. urrrrrgh. i wanna go esplanade. i want a digicam. urrrrrrrrrrgh. everytime i see them i think of it, and everything's just coming down. plus i'm citizen of a country with no ears. it pays to go to church, as jerry has proved, and it helps when your fellow church goers are as tone deaf as you [why else on earth did they support that sunnywhore], and filthy rich. [this is politically incorrect but i am grumpy. apologising can be postponed.] the judges are useless idiots and i think i screwed up my pc lit, cept poetry. not too bad, think i might've managed to bluff my way through. i keep misjudging people when i shouldn't even judge. i have no brain. i can't focus on the books i want to read. sth's wrong with me.

i wish i didn't have to
lie to you and that i could properly feel
what ought to be there but

see. try to be arty farty drama mama also shi bai. haiyoooo

7_October04,thursday -- YOU

"you're so jaded, and i'm the one who jaded you" i swear that's the XRXX's theme song. jaded, by aerosmith in case you wanna know. love that song, just wish it didn't apply to me. whatever.


6_October04,wednesday -- BOTE

It stands for the Beginning Of The End. saw it on a postcard once, the acronym splashed in bold black letters in front. it had the picture of the chair on it too, so i thought it was a furniture sale and ignored it. turns out it's a play. sheesh.

ANYWAY! the promos are 3/4 over! that's why BOTE see. am slacking now. i am not going to think abt my results. let me be happy for a bit, won't you.

joan of arc's on right now. so cool. i love joan of arc. she's nearly an ang moh mulan, and i love mulan. was inspired to get confirmed under the name joan, but the name very nan ting, jeanne looks better but sounds as bad. :(

wanted to spy on someone via friendster but forgot who. gaaaah. i suspect i have gotten short term memory loss. i forget everything. need brain scan. need sponsor.

5_October04,tuesday -- Ahhh...

There is nothing more satisfying than spending three hours of your life writing seven pages worth of meaningless crap. *beams* i hope kellett's drunk when he marks my paper, spills beer all over it and to compensate me, gives me a passing grade. fat hope huh? :D history sucks. was wondering if geography, which i don't really like, would've made a more sensible choice. then if i go overseas and do those community service things i can put geog stuff to good use. like damming, and the effects on the environment and stuff. damn cool. urgh. too late? siew tee and i are considering doing voluntary work. feel free to join us. :)

i think i think too highly of myself. but it'll be very cruel of you to do any form of deflating for me, i do it very often as it is. hmmm. =/

I've decided to swear off the words "loser", "nerd", "geek" amongst others. gonna start with these three. i am determines. if i say it accidentally, please tell me. *bows* arigatou

my pain is nearly over. i couldn't swtop myself -hangs head in shame- i was in the library with angie before the history paper, and you know, in that enclosed area where all the tempting books are...? erm. i kinda gave me. i've already stocked up on my post exam activities. hehehe. -sheepish- can't wait for this damn agony to end.

ginny, yeeli, lolly, joanna JIA YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you all!

p.s Paedophile Hannah: the cute little boy in love actually plays ben in friends. *drools*

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