7_November04, sunday -- Something Is Wrong

it does not feel like the holidays. it does not feel like november. maybe the end of the world is coming. :(

in the meantime, i shall continue existing. been going out quite a bit, with various groups of friends. denise and charlotte are never free. poor lolly. poor me. there's so much to say but i am too lazy. i shall devote my efforts instead to NaNoWriMo. check it out at http://www.nanowrimo.org. the words are linked. Join me, anyone? :D its a bit late, but whatever. hehehe. then we can have an end of the month celebration to mark its end, shall we not? hehehe. let me know, people.

1_November04, monday -- Riding Over A Pimply Patch

yell it out with me : O-U-T-B-R-E-A-K!!

conditions are not conducive for social experiments, with stereotypes and traditional mindsets still in place despite claims of being liberal and westernised. very saddening. and you, you whose shadow has never been dissolved, still sidle up to me and whisper dark things into my ear.

PW IS OVER!!!! screamscream. was a big pity though, that when the group finally began to bond properly(all it took was an afternoon in serene's place exchanging "trade secrets" and experiences), that when we began to pour our soul into our project, it was over. And it didn't work out exactly according to plan, but i hope we've at least managed to score a band2. =/ kk. read this:
"was weaker than last group but way better than the first. Overall performance was above expectations but could tell from what u guys said that the study was not entirely in depth. individual performances were good, clear and confident. Could have done better by using slides more to your advantaged and establishing stronger links in between sections. not bad. Did not bore. personally i liked it more than the other marker. Almost cried at the start. Ha."
asked for feedback. :D it cheered up the gloomy sadhana. felt quite sorry for her because the effects were of her devising so she was the most crushed when we didn't pull it off altogether successfully. i felt bad cos i was the one who fiddled with the volume, and was clicking the mouse too fast in the beginning. sigh. but what's over's over, ne? whoo! time to indulge in retail therapy! right. if only i had the dough, the comic books would come out NOW and i find things to my liking. :( i'm such a selective shopper. tsktsktsk.

mother is nagging me to pack my room. jo saw a roach yestermorning. so i suppose i shd. damn. when i grow up my room will be bare save a futon on the floor and all my clothes on those racks u see in departmental stores. everything else in different rooms furnished minimalistically. then she can't nag. HAHAHAHAHA.

30October04, saturday -- Satisfaction

seldom do i talk to so many people for so long a span of time. tonight's been quite good. where is that lolly though. take care charlotte, ginny, sam. denise got herself an attachment to lee & lee. lky's law firm. what is the world coming to. hahaha. but i am happy. hopefully tmr turns out well too. i'm grinning drunkenly to myself, the sort of grin that only the night allows. goodnight indeed.

27October04, wednesday -- Now, Save ME.

miss rai was supposed to have completed the speeches and uploaded them into the yahoo briefcase. UNDONE. miss lim saved attachments to drafts so we can download it. NO SUCH THING. ugh. tomorrow's op is supposed to be bombastically good. IMPOSSIBLE.

my siblings are being nice but i am grumpy. this is because i am tired and my !$#&^*#$%@ father is throwing a tantrum.


23October04, saturday -- Save Nanyang Junior College

if you truly love me please go to http://www.nanyangjc.org (words are linked) and vote "strongly disagree" on the poll asking if we should chang nyjc into ccjc to reflect our (accursed) affiliation to CHUNG CHENG HIGH SCHOOL. Yesterday when i last checked 98% were not in favour of changing "NANYANG" Junior College into "CHUNG CHENG" Junior College. Now it's a more or less even 50-50 balance. save my jc, save me. I don't want to face the indignity of saying in the future "Oh i went to Nanyang~ oh, now its called CHUNG CHENG junior college". i don't want to be communist. chugn cheng is an ugly name. it should be outlawed. i dunno what kind of stupid pricks went and voted for chung cheng junior college. save NANYANG.

22October04, friday -- Unhappy Halloween

tried to upload the new halloween layout, but it got so screwed up i'm giving up. html is a modern day curse i tell you.

this is the extent to which i am celebrating halloween on this blog:


21October04, thursday -- I'd Like Straight Intestines

there was still space for the india ocip trip i signed up. i still have my doubts about it, i am somewhat afraid, but since i've already said yes i'll go through with it. everyone's been saying that they wouldn't go without friends. do you think i'm being stupid then, going without anyone i know? aiyah go away negative thoughts. :( there is a clear sense of what i'm giving up for this, so maybe this just makes me treasure it more?

I want more guts, i want straight intestines and a cool head. I want to be faster, i want to be more persevering. but no pain no gain, so may everything i go through in life serve to bring me closer to these. reaching for things gives you the feeling you're being overstretched - that your ribs have snapped and are sticking into lungs, and your heart is squished and spurting blood. ouch.

back to earth. i need to do pw.

ps need new halloween-y layout.

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