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I still love this song like i have since I was 12. Good shtuff. Go get it, or make me send it to you.

Animal Instinct - Cranberries

Suddenly something has happened to me
As I was having my cup of tea
Suddenly I was feeling depressed
I was utterly and totally stressed
Do you know you made me cry
Do you know you made me die

And the thing that gets to me
Is you'll never really see
And the thing that freaks me out
Is I'll always be in doubt
It is a lovely thing that we have
It is a lovely thing that we
It is a lovely thing, the animal
The animal instinct

So take my hands and come with me
We will change reality
So take my hands and we will pray
They won't take you away
They will never make me cry, no
They will never make me die
And the thing that gets to me
Is you'll never really see
And the thing that freaks me out
Is I'll always be in doubt

The animal, the animal,
The animal instinct in me
It's the animal, the animal,
The animal instinct in me
It's the animal, it's the animal,
It's the animal instinct in me
It's the animal instinct in me

pity, it reminds me of othello now. :( though it's not quite as violent as he is.


i feel like scrubbing my hands clean of everything. i am tired. tell me not that i am a child, that my emotions are insignificant. i don't want to leave knowing i have learnt nothing except that we are all headed for the grave and everything else equally bleak. growing up sucks.

i'll see you on friday.


You should get over it, dude. =/

I've seen/heard so much comedy in one day. Like how the sad amazing race participants stole food from some soccer event's buffet table, or the Jabberwocky teams (they're supposed to catch teams) were sitting directly behind the totally oblivious team 7. LOL, who must be the funniest of the lot. Except that group that asked a security guard to help them with the clue, and the security guard sent them scurrying to RI from Old Parliament House. Not very smart eh. Hahahaha.

wah. dunno how i'm going to study for the tests next week: lit, econs... what else ah? sbq for sea history's due monday. gaaah. gonna do it tmr when waiting in hq i suppose. hmph.

My sweet mother told me something utterly disturbing over dinner. My paternal grandmother wants to come stay with us. gawd. The folks, esp the father, are dead bent on going to australia, and they made the sad sad mistake of telling my grandma. So according to my mother grandma volunteered to come stay and chaperone us. Joanna and i froze. The horror! We're not even close! I could imagine her criticising my sloppy dressing at home, how our room's theme could be Anarchy, or sitting up on the sofa in the darkness, the soft orange light from the living room reflecting off those glassy spectacles as she waits for me to come home late at nigh and I jumping in fright to see a figure on the sofa staring at me through those glinting glasses. O.O""" She might set curfews, nag, try to teach me to cook, tell me my music is satanic (she's so catholic she's nearly an extreme protestant, no offense intended)~ accccck.

How strange it is, that those who appear strong are usually quite insecure. Just this morning was envying, not being jealous mind you, there's a difference, a fellow drummer for her brilliant sense of humour and quick thinking. Never fails to make me laugh. Later saw a different side of her, one that reconciled to what she said a year ago? when she confessed to feeling fake or something. Humour is her way of covering up? If by some chance you are reading this and think I am wrong, you should let me know. If you even know i'm referring to you. LOL.

somehow admiration for a person is usually an obstacle for me in becoming friends with a person. makes me feel awkward, uncomfortable, judged,like we might not be on the same level. I don't like it that i feel this way, think i'm overcoming it though. yay! hahaha. and for those who are my friends, this doesn't mean i don't admire you. just that i probably never got the chance to or didn't observe you from afar, for very long. it's a psychological and emotional difference. though it could very well end up the same. hmmm....

okay gtg. hellooo John! LOL.


i hate social situations. so i probably will get nowhere in life. but i like people, in general. nothing gives me more satisfaction than to feel i have connected with someone else.

well, i survived a social situation in church today, cos my sister was there. sometimes i think i should be the younger sister.

there's some sort poison locked in my chest, i really don't know how to get it out. think i might choke to death. hurhur.

Fire by babyface&desiree reminds me of denise. runaway train reminds me of lolly. someday by nickelback reminds me of charlotte. spent the end of the sec 4 year asking her who sang the song cos the name kept slipping out of my head. hahaha. was walking around the estate sometime in the late evening, and i have no idea why but it just brought to mind tk afternoons. hmm.


yeeli sent this to me on saturday. ^_^

THANK YOU YEELI. love you loads :) XOXOXO


i've gotten hooked on the Phantom of the opera soundtrack, no thanks to joanna. Joshua has too, but he's been hooked on a lot of songs recently. After "Ash friday" mass at his school he's been singing the alleluia and hosea and other hymns all around the house. Then ever since he heard the Phantom of the opera soundtrack this morning he's been warbling the track Phantom of the opera, which works well for me because it's one of my favourites (the others are music of the night and all i ask of you, yeah the usual) off the album. LOL. damn good. lalala :)

Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep

Do not stand at my grave and weep;
I am not there. I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn wind.
When you awaken in the morning's hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry;
I am not there. I did not die.


Just in case. if you are intending to cry at all, that is. -__-


my comfy spongebob shorts are dying on me. :'( there are too many things in life to be sad about.

would you rather have hope and end up disappointed, or would you not have hope and be taken by surprise if anything good happens, and not hurt so much if something bad occurs?


I have a history essay and econs to do but aiyah whatever. Will probably stay up to do it. Watched 7 episodes of Azumanga Daioh. Funny, but the lack of a continual plot makes it quite boring, so i gave up watching it. Spent the afternoon watching jon play naruto on the playstation instead, damn cool game. he should've gotten suikoden IV too. grrrr.

i realised just the other day how important food is. Of course you are probably thinking "what is wrong with this girl OBVIOUSLY food is important". Let me tell you now that when food is called a basic necessity the focus seems to be on basic rather than -necessity-, and this therefore trivialises it. After watching hotel rwanda on friday (tear jerker that one ;_;) i didn't wanna blow six bucks on burger king so went home hungry. Interestingly, from being merely hungry i plunged to being grumpy and angsty. then after that got very angry and THEWORLDHATESME sort of mood. A hungry man is an angry man. hah. food is a PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL NECESSITY.

now for a tragic announcement: KINO SELLS COMIC BOOKS MORE EXPENSIVE THAN COMICS CONNECTION NOW. :'( which means i have to pay $10 and renew membership. rawr.
kino also sells neil gaiman's sandman series. yes, that's the sound of my heart breaking. it's thirty bucks one volume and there are ten. saw the first book of this comic series i've been waiting for the taiwanese to translate. @#%$^ did gst go up again or what?

went to church today after all. Can't escape God, i realise. sigh.

lolly, "de-de" and charlotte, can we meet up for chinese new year? thursday my relatives are comiiiing~ and it'll be sorta weird. can we go somewhere else?


Remind me to look for mrs chua tomorrow.

You know, i should really learn to be a more honest person. I am a slimy, slippery crook. I'll slither out of situations where i can. I should probably learn to embrace who i am (having a bit of trouble identifying her at the moment though), accepting of myself and other people, learn to be less of a smug little twit, learn to use my brains more and before i use my mouth. I would like to become more confident in expressing myself. HMMMM.

an urban tribe would be nice too. But wait long long ah!

Remind me to look for mrs chua tomorrow.

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