Hi! I am Raymond(Up). Cool huh? This photo was taken after I left my secondary school.
Finally, I have done this web page with only using HTML... Tough man!
Introduce to you guys about mi first, I'm currently study in ITE(EAST) Tampines.
Attending a Higher NITEC in Eletronics Engineering course, specialize in Multimedia & Technology.
That is why mi know how to build a 'GOOD' enough web page...(Really hope it is good enough...)
Even though I am in Engineering course, but I aim to change my route to Multimedia side...
WHY?<\b>Course mi like Multimedia stuff since young! That is why at first I was sad to
know that I end up in Engineering course... But, Thank God, I'm able to have a chance
to enter Multimedia course... Haha. Bless man!
Ok. Basically, this web page is about MI being hopeful to have a good career in future.
Haha... Being lazy and playful are parts of my life... So, maybe people will not want to employ me...
Before you exit this webby, do mi a favour. Explore my web page first. Give mi comments on my skill
and share some interesting stuff, like special effects on Flash, cool codes on HTML,
some nice animations, great cartoons(like Shaman King)... Oh ya! DO rate my webby.
Then at least I know where I stand. THANX! Have a nice day of exploring my webby.