Bishan CC TKD Class (Singapore)
Taekwondo (TKD), a form of martial art which specilises in kicks and a kind of sport which was included in the Olympic Games in 2000 AD. The history of Taekwondo can be traced back to ancient Korea where the people of Korea practiced and trained to prepare for war, performed and demonstrated during certain events or ceremonies. During the Japanese occupation, the Koreans were forbidden to practice TKD (it was then referred as Korean martial arts). However, Some patriotic masters managed to escape and started to train the Korean soldiers to fight against the Japanese, hence the art was not lost. After the war, various masters tried to unite all the people who practiced and trained in Korean martial arts. The word Taekwondo was formed in 11 April 1955, Tae meaning destruction by the feet, Kwon meaning destruction by the fist and Do meaning a way of life. In 28 May 1973, the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) was inaugurated. Taekwondo was introduced in Singapore in 1963 when Mr. Kim Bok Man, a senior Korean master started to teach TKD in a small garage in Kuching Road. Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) an affiliate of (WTF) was formed in 26 July 1974, it is recognized by the Singapore Sports Council and the People’s Association. It is now practice by the Police Force, the Army, some schools and community clubs. Taekwondo was introduced to Bishan Community Club in 1997 (25th Nov). The Instructor, Mr. Rocky Go, a 5th degree black belt holder started learning the art in 1982 from ex-national fighter, Mr. Kris Kum. Rocky was the former TKD instructor in Henderson C.C., Delta C.C. and Singapore Police Acedemy. Now, he is one of the senior instructor in Leng Kee TKD Club. The assistant instructors of the class are: Mr. Teo Wee Yong, Mr. Goh Si Qian, Miss Teo Siwei, Miss Christne Chan, Mr. Alex Low, Mr. Terence Ng and Mr. Ngin Qing Gui. The class trains together with LTA TKD Class on every Thursday. From 8pm to 10pm. Minimum age to enrol for the class is 9.
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