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SmoothStream = Smoothly Streaming into host society


I am Ronald Ma from SmoothStream, which is a music group, a community resource and an independent public health organisation. Now we are promoting cervical cancer vaccination in Asian communities.

Practice venue: Pakuranga Intermediate School, Reeves Road
Date/time: Rehearsal on-demand
Contact: Ronald 021 124 6507 or

Our features...

  • Free entry and free exit - ‘Zero’ cost barrier
  • Using a public health approach and research-based
  • Huge progress within three years
  • Supported by governmental and non-governmental organisations
  • Equal opportunities to shine
  • Celebrate diversity
  • Bringing a social bridge
  • Proud of performing for the community
  • Diversity of programmes – SmoothStream Soccer, SmoothStream Kung Fu, Dancing with Passion, Singing with Passion, Homework help, Aerobics, Meditation, vaccine promotion and so on
  • Upgraded to orchestra in 2008
  • ‘one and only’ skilful, lean and mean orchestra
  • The winner of the Innovative Award and the Best Community Volunteer Award
  • Well known in the community
  • Committed and strong leadership
  • Applying inter-sectoral approach
  • A Registered Charitable Trust
  • Also registered with Charities Commission
  • Donee status from IRD with tax exemption
  • Mixture of Recreational Music Making and Serious Music Making

Best Volunteer Award from Manukau City Council


What I am trying to achieve

My name is Ronald Ma. I am a medical doctor trained in surgery and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) living in Auckland with my family.

I came to New Zealand in search of success and a better future for my children. Even though I am a resident today, I have taken six long years to finally call this country my home. My migration story can be viewed at 'About Us' page.

I know you too must share the same story no matter which country you come from, which language you speak or what clothes you wear. Aside from going through the same difficulties I believe you probably share the same enthusiasm for music and rhythm. Which is why, I cordially invite you to come join us for one of our jam sessions and some tea at the Pakuranga Intermediate School on a nice warm Sunday afternoon. Meet others who, like you and me, have travelled across seven seas to this country in hopes of fulfilling their dreams. Meet our families who, like your own, miss their dear ones back home. Meet our children who like your own, need to feel happy, secure and perform academically in school and other activities. Come and listen to our folk songs and share some of your own, play in our band as we learn new tunes or sing in chorus with our families.

After a week full of responsibilities, stress and chores what better way to unwind and spend some great time together than to unite in music and harmony? It’s the little things which make life better. To look forward to the week ahead and cope with our problems, all we need is a pat on the back, a few words of kindness and a sense of belonging. Who better to do that than we ourselves, through music. And start, for once, think about the power of music.

I was requested by...

a lot of people on the formation of the SmoothStream Band such as why and how.  So, I updated 'About Us' page.   There you will see our story. 

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