Rosebud Baby Bean Sprout Husks Pillows


This bean pillow is to be placed across baby's chest to provide a sense of security.                                         

It will lower the chances of baby waking up crying and startled. Shower your baby with love.



Baby Pink                                       Baby Yellow                                  Baby Blue



Baby White                                    Gold                                            Baby Lavender                




Pillow-1                                                       Pillow-2 (sold out)                              Pillow-3                                                   Pillow-4

Chilli / Posh / Angel Dogs                       Sheep & Cows Jumps                        Bohemian                                                 Posh Poodle

                                                                       over the Moon


Pillow-5(sold out)                                    Pillow-6 (sold out)                               Pillow-7  (sold out)                             Pillow-8

Moo Moo Cow                                           Potato Couch                                        Sweet Dream                                         Bear's Story(Blue)



Pillow-9                                                    Pillow-10                                                 Pillow-11                                                   Pillow-12

Bear's Story (Pink)                                Teddy (Blue)                                            Teddy (Pink)                                            Happy Horse



Pillow-13                                                    Pillow-14                                                 Pillow-15                                                  

Baby's Toy (Blue)                                        Baby's Toy (Orange-Pink)                "Burberry" Look-a-like




Pillow-16                                                        Pillow-17                                                  Pillow-18                                                  

Baby Animal (Pink)                                      Baby Animal (Blue)                               Baby Animal (Lemon)





How to order :- 

1.  You can bid the item on my yahoo auction:-

 2.  You can contact Mei @ Email: I will be happy to see to your request.

Postage & Payment Methods

For local postage $2  /or add $4.20 for registered mail.

For overseas order shipping charges will be advised later.

We accept only DBS internet / bank transfer and paypal is for overseas buyers only.


Risk of Lost

Rosebud will not be responsible for any items that are lost during transit if postage is not registered. Rest assured I ship ASAP upon confirmation of payment.