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Sakya Nuns' Institute, Manduwala, India




Ven. Khenpo Gyatso, Principal of Sakya College, Mussoorie


"We have long been thinking of establishing such an institute where the nuns particularly from Sakya tradition can get the opportunity to study advanced Buddhist studies like their compatriot monks. And we believe, if successful in our mission within the next decade or so, we will be able to produce at least a handful of erudite nuns capable of taking the responsibility of abbess. In this way they become self-reliant without seeking any academic help from male abbots, as is the case now. Except for Sakya, all the other Tibetan Buddhist traditions had already made this possible for their respective nuns."

Existing Temple in the Nuns' Institute



The Institute is Manduwala, about an hour's drive to Dehra Dun. It is near the Ngor-Ewam Monastery, where H.E. Luding Khen Chen resides. It used to be a Retreat Centre and is now converted to a training Institute for the nuns.

The Institute is under the protective umbrella of Sakya Nunnery's non-profit community. In 2007, the very first group of 35 nuns from Sakya Nunnery will have this historic opportunity to study under Ven. Khenpo Gyatso, principal of Sakya College. They were selected by drawing lots.

Mrs. Kasur Rinchen Khadrola, Director of Tibetan Nuns Project (TNP),  has generously and graciously offered 25 scholarships to the nuns for the present moment. Gabriela, President of Sakyadhita (France) will be working closely with Sakya Nunnery to gather and allocate funds for the Institute.

Please email Gabriela if there is any special skill or talent that you wish to volunteer to help Sakya Nunnery. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

One-time Sponsorship required for

  1. Drilling of well for water  InR 400,000 (U$8800)- status: FULLY SPONSORED with dollar to dollar matching donation by kind anonymous donor.
  2. Purchase of Jeep :  InR 400,000 (U$8,800)

Please contact Kurt (of Sakya Kachod Ling, US) who has volunteered to raise funds for the above. The same generous donor will match dollar for dollar for this project.

Monthly Educational Fund / General Expenses

  1. Scholarships for 35 Nuns @ U$35/- :  U$1200  
  2. 4 Teaching  & 2 Administrative staff :  U$600 
  3. Maintenance & Expenses                  : U$300

             Total Monthly Requirement : U$2100
Co-ordinator for Sakya Nuns’ Institute : Gabriela