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Nanyang Polytechnic School of Chemical & Life Science

bAk 2 HoMe!

pRoF|Le oF OuR PpL

oUr PhOto

oUr FoRuM!



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Everything about MB0102, 
The most 'on',
The most havoc,
The most happening,
The most exciting Class in the history of SCL

Counter people had visit us!

oh my... cnt imagine tat 3yrs is gotta b up... cbas post a topic on e forum tat almost bring me to tears.. Your Thoughts Abt Our Class After 3 Years

due to complains and protest of a beta forum. hopefully, tis 1 is e gd 1... well, juz click on e BBS and it will bring u there. Cya there~

hello guyz, i'd create a forum esp for us! will try my best to beautify itz, still trying to find out hw e site hosting work... bitch abt anything (within e acceptance of our girls pls) here! Click!

Firstly, thank you for all tat had view the classpage, and wrote in the guestbook. I guess ppl muz be very lz to write a profile, so i shall link them all to friendster. So, the profiles page is up! *Clap clap clap*.

FINALLY... Re-do the whole page and get this homepage up online, dun kan cheong, more to be update soon. So far, only the Gallery is done (linked to sony image station)

Story of our Chalet (2002)

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