Topic:      "Using Immersive Virtual
                Environments for Certification"

Authors:  Carolina Cruz-Neira, Robyn R.Lutz
IEEE Software
Volume: 16 Issue: 4 , July-Aug. 1999



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The use of immersive virtual environment has advanced slowly, yet steadily over the years as the need to develop and test critical systems and embedded software increased with the advancement of technology. Today, it is not only used for big, sophisticated projects in the laboratories; many commercial projects are also using it for designing, developing, testing and even for entertainment! There is an increasing demand of immersive virtual environments to develop systems as it is associated with lesser cost and time. More importantly, it is used to reduce the risks of users when during testing and also, to allow greater flexibility to test cases by giving different environment settings input. However, an exact copy to the real world is impossible in reality. Some processes of selection, abstraction and representation are inevitably involved. These lead to a series of limitation using this methodology.