Nexus definition is a group of people having a similar interest. Since we are bonded by our love for the sea activities, thus evolved the name of “SEA NEXUS”.

This website will serve as an outpost and outreach to cadets and teacher officers. Teacher officers are able to download vital forms like booking forms for kayaking and T-loan forms for store loaning. A forum is housed in this website to provide a space for the communication between the cadets, CLTs, Teachers and HQ. In time to come, a photo gallery is set up to upload photos onto the web.

Furthermore, in future recruitment drive, interested secondary students can get information on NCC SEA first hand through our website. This way, the units gain yet another publicity material.

Currently, some parts of the website are still under construction, but the website is functional. More features and tools will be added to aid the efficiency and accessibility of the website.

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