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This site is owned by [ Lee Kok Ming ]
SFI Sponsor ID: [ 8347130 ]
Website address: [ http://sg.oocities.com/sfiflyerhome ]
Link website: http://www.simple-internet-earning.com
Email: jadeplane@yahoo.com.sg
Last updated: 26 Aug 2004

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SFI Marketing Overview
"Why you must join SFI Marketing". (Show Time: 4 minutes)


2004 "TOP PICK" Work At Home - #1 HOME BASED INTERNET BUSINESS 3 years in a row!


Objectives of this website:
1. To demonstrate that making money and work at home is that easy by just repeat the process (By the mean of free advertising and paid advertising) listed in this website.

2. To helps those who are interested to make money online, work at home, start a home based business and looking for business opportunities with the aid of step by step instructions (After sign up with SFI Marketing).

3. To provide support to the whole sales team for setting up their home based business with a series of free resources available in the Internet. (Free business tools download, Webpage building software, free webpage template - Just like this web page, free advertising articles and links.......)

Future Plan:
1. Support the team by creating similar webpage that can be customized to new affiliates in order to helps new affiliates start up their own home based business immediately.

It’s not difficult to make money with SFI Marketing. This is a page that’s specially designed for those who are interested to make money online and start a simple home based business. I’ll show you how easy it is to make money with a web pages just like this one. 

The job here is very simple. What is needed to be done is to refer someone (Just like what I had done) to this page and let it explain on “How to make money with SFI Marketing” and start a simple home based business.

Bookmark this page as you might need to refer back in future. Bookmark now by pressing
"Ctrl - D"

SFI Marketing is established since 1985 and I am convinced that SFI Marketing can help to build up your Internet business empire. In the past, I noticed that some of the SFI affiliates did not success due to the following reasons:

-         Did not know how to get started after joined SFI Marketing (Although that “Smartstart Program” that’s designed by SFI Marketing is completed by new affiliates).

-         Sponsor did not guide new affiliates on building up the Team properly.

-         Although SFI did provide some guidelines on starting up the business, the guidelines and support are still not enough.

-         Affiliates give up and quit in less than 6 months time.

-         Lost during the training provided by SFI Marketing (There’s lot of trainings provided and affiliates lost their focus).

-         Not convinced to INVEST and get MIQ, Multiple Income Qualified, in SFI Marketing for a higher profit.

Remember! As a new affiliate, you need to stay focus on your objective. And what is the objective:


Main objective for new affiliates:

-         Refer and get new affiliates to SFI Marketing

This is a page that help you to “Refer and get new affiliates to SFI Marketing”. You may download this sales page for free and start a simple home based business (Totally free at no cost after you sign up with SFI Marketing using my ID) immediately!!! You can consider this as doing part time job by just sending out electronic SFI Marketing flyers while I make the flyers for you to send out.


To get started now, follow the steps listed below......

Steps for making money online:

Step 1: Join SFI Marketing (Free to join). Click here.

Step 2: Download sales pages (Instruction on the installation is written in the “Readme.txt” after signing up).

Step 3: Host your sales pages (For those who are new to web hosting and wanted to host for free, sign up now at SFI Marketing and I'll send you free ebook on "How to host a web at Yahoo")

Step 4: Advertise your sales pages 

Wait! Did I say “Advertise”? How? Do not worry. There’s lot of ways to advertise online. Below are the links to places where you can advertise in a free or paid way to attract new affiliates.

Links to advertise online: 

Traffic Swarm          - Free/Pay to advertise (Most Recommended!!!!)
Trafficflare                - Free/Pay to advertise (Most Recommended!!!!)
Yahoo! Classifieds   - Free to advertise.
101 website traffic    - Free to advertise.
E-Page Classifieds    - Free / Pay to advertise.
1 America Mall         - Free/Pay to advertise.
Google Adword        - Pay to advertise.
AdBlaster                 - Pay to advertise.
E-marketing Mania    - Pay to advertise.

Sign up with SFI Marketing and more useful links to advertise will be supported in a series of newsletters. On top of that, you will receive all my powerful strategies and tricks used by me and my sponsor to help you build up your own residual income.



  1. Post your advertisements for free (Mark by “Free”) above.
  2. Join TrafficFlare and earn hits by browsing through the websites (You can learnt from these websites on strategies used by the webmasters).
  3. Learning the ways to advertise is not enough. Take action now.
  4. Send your sales pages to your friends as a start.
  5. Brainstorm with your affiliates and friends to make new flyers so that you can help your affiliates to build up your Power Sales Team together.
  6. Buy SFI Postal cards to advertise offline.
  7. The more you advertise, the greater your sales team grow.

Alternative way to get new affiliates:

Order Eagle Co-op in SFI Marketing. (After joined SFI Marketing) Send out these flyers to them and work together as a team. 

Sign up SFI Marketing for free and take action to advertise your sales pages now! Enjoy and have lot of fun.


**********IMPORTANT NOTE**********
If you find that you managed to recruit new affiliates to SFI Marketing, don't wait anymore. Take action and upgrade yourself to “MIQ” to make more money immediately!



Message from this website owner

"How I found SFI Marketing and why did I join?"

One fine day in September 2003, I used Yahoo Search Engine to search for articles on "work at home". Having the desire to "make money online", I found an attracting and irresistible headline that goes like this:


2003 "TOP PICK" Work At Home
Revolutionary new program is creating an explosion of new business for Affiliates. 100% FREE TRIAL. NO risk. NO obligation. We GUARANTEE you a successful Home Business before you spend any of your time or money. No selling. No family/friends contact needed!
URL WEBSITE: http://www.quickinfo247.com/8347130


As guided by the URL link, I was referred to SFI Marketing by my sponsor, Erich Winnecke, and visited one of his website at http://www.work-at-home-dot.com . I browse through the website and decided to trial on SFI Marketing. The reasons "Why I choose SFI Marketing" are:

- Free to join (Can op-out of SFI if I do not like it)
- Give away "Secret of Internet Millioonares"-SIM package worth $585 for joining SFI Marketing
- Lot of free websites to promote SFI Markeeting
- Free Training provided








After I have joined SFI Marketing, I found that Erich is very successful in this business as being ranked in the "Top 10 sellers" continuously since I first joined SFI Marketing in September 2003.

Screen captured as at 24 July 2004:


As I can see, Erich never failed to rank in the "Top 10 sellers" and always get his fair share of profit with SFI Marketing. He made me proud to be part of his sales team and inspired me to believe and certain that SFI Marketing is the RIGHT BUSINESS for my career!


"Which SFI Product I most recommended to my affiliates and why?"

I highly recommend the new "VIP Packages". The VIP package is only meant for SFI affiliates to help them get "MIQ" in order to make more income. See below for the "SFI Compensation Plan".

SFI Compensation Plan* Chart

Qualifications: Free Registration
Leader (PTL)
Seller's Commission
40% of CV
MIQ Seller's Commission
40% of CV
- X X X
**Fast-Track Bonus Pool
2% of company-wide Subsequent Sale CV
  X* X* X*
Top 100 Bonus Pool
3% of CV
- X X X
Bronze Overrides 5%
Override on all CV in your Personally Sponsored Affiliates' Powerlines
- X X X
Silver Overrides 5%
Override on all CV in your Personally Sponsored Affiliates' Powerlines
- - X X
Gold Overrides 10%
Override on all CV in your Personal Powerline
- - X X
Platinum Overrides 10%
Override on all CV in Offshoot Powerlines from your Personal Powerline
- - X X
PTL Bonus Pool
10% of CV
- - X X
GL Leadership Bonus
15% of CV
- - - X

"VIP Package" is bundle together with SFI BEST selling product, IAHBE. With a monthly subscription to the resourceful services provided by IAHBE, you save as much as 67% discount on SFI Top product. This not only made you to "MIQ" immediately and recover the shipping cost, you can also sell the product for the usual price and made some profit out of it.

For example:
Subscripting to IAHBE (Individual price of $29.95) and 2 x VERIUNI Advance Weight Loss (Come with 3 flavors - Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla selling at $29.95 each) at the package price of $49.85 plus shipping cost of $25.80 outside of US (Singapore). This package cost you $89.85 (Shipping cost of $25.80 is not yet included). If you sell the product at the original price, that would save you $89.85-$49.85-$25.80= $14.20 profit!!!!

Join SFI Marketing now and enjoy VIP packages now.



SFI Marketing Product and Services:

Affiliate Store
VIP Packages (Bundle with IAHBE to help affiliates make more money – Only for member)
10 SVP Favorites
5 SVP Favorites

- Mining Gold
- How to get customers to call, buy and beg for more...
Business Resources
- Great Domainia
Business Tools -Buy SFI Postal cards to advertise offline
- Veriuni Dial-Up ISP Services
IAHBE - Best Selling Product
Magazine Rack
Natural Cleaning
Personal Care
Pet Care

- VERIUNI Long Distance Telephone Services
- Get wireless for less

Free Website for promoting SFI Marketing:
SFI Marketing Free Site
Honey, I fired the BOSS
Give away SIM, "Secrets of Internet Millionaires" bundle – Worth over $585


P.S    The more you advertise, the greater your business will grow.


Submit your name and email below and receives: 

-         Free marketing tips (Extract from the ebooks I brought)

-         Free ebooks that is essential for your Internet business:

o       The Absolute Beginner Guide to start a website

o       Killer mini sites

o       30 Days to Internet marketing success (Volume I) – Sample

o       30 Days to Internet marketing success (Volume II) – Sample

o       Internet Business Beginner Guide

o       Working with Clickbank

-         Opportunities for you to make money online

-         Free software to assist you to setup and promote your websites

-         Interactive multimedia to show you:

o       How to be #1 on top search engines like AOL, AltaVista and Lycos in 5 days or less

o       How to setup with free hosting

o       How to setup your automatic Marketing System

-         Free “FreetoSell” package that allows you to sell high quality ebooks online 

Just submit your name and email address below and receives these valued packages. I guarantee that you love it and you do not need to pay a dime to have them.


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