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Get Paid To Read Programs:

Here are some of the GPTR programs I'm in.

I have been personally paid by them. Payout at $6; and e-mails are quite a lot. Join today if you haven't.
Have received a random payout, and a free referral from them once! Payout higher, at $8.50, but quite a lot of mails (either 0.5c or points link). Join today too!

Besides the usual paid to read e-mails and click banner ads, this program also have a cave where you can start diging for treasures. Treasures include rubies, diamonds, gold nuggets, sanistones and even cash. The gems can be either redeemed for advertising or cash. Try it today too!

Cash Delight
Here's a high paying program, although with high payout at $35 too. Links are all either 1c, or 0.5c or points links.

Mailing Heaven
Mailing Heaven
This is a good program too, and I've been paid although payout is slightly longer. I've been paid by this program once and going to reach the 2nd time again. Payout is at $5 (quite easy to reach if you do all the mails, ptcs & searches (if you come from a valid country).


Here are some of the other programs I'm in (PTC, etc...).

This is a ptc (paid to click) program, with a low payout of $0.25. Currently, the owner pays everyone per month on the 15th automatically if you have over $0.25 in your account. Each link is worth 0.5c. Join now today too!

This is another program which lets you dig for 'treasures' only in this case, is gold flakes. Join today and start digging everyday...

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