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Key of the Seal,
There is someone wishing for a contract with you,
A girl,
Her name is Sakura,
Oh Key, grant her the power!

      Hi, everyone! Welcome to my little site! This site actually existed basically for two main reasons. Firstly, I wanted to start a section on CardCaptor Sakura (カードキャプタさくら)[1], and focusing on Daidouji Tomoyo (my fav from CCS). But due to the lack of space on GeoCities, I decided to branch-off to another site (shhh, don't tell GC! :p), and have one fully delicated to CCS. The other reason was because I need an excuse to use CSS/DIV on my site, but they are not really suitable. Rather than waisting time trying to revamp the WHOLE thing, I decide to start afresh. So there!

      Alright, enough of the trash talk. Time to go explore this place! Well, enjoy your stay here! (n.n)

 [1] - Pronounced as "Kaado Kyaputa Sakura" ("sa-ku-ra" with an even accent).


      10/04/06, Monday
      I know. Its a long time since this site have any changes. But I did update and maintain. The list of CardCaptor Sakura albums, manga, additional pictures, and some new pages (or finally come to existance), Tange Sakura and Hisakawa Aya pages... All this I did on my computer, but I for some weird unknown reason, did not upload it. So now its here. Still, this site is far from complete. More to come, but not anytime soon... Anyway, see ya all! (n.n)

      15/01/06, Sunday
      Wow... That's a long time since I have added anything in this Updates section. Oh well... Anyway, I have changed a bit on the codings, nothing major, the layout and looks will still be the same, though, just trying out something. I've added a Seiyuu section, which has only Iwao Junko for now, a list of albums by Iwao Junko, and a Fan Fiction section, which have close to nothing, and a Guestbook!. Well, that's it for now, I have to go, so, bye!

      25/09/02, Sunday
      Speaking for being away for a few weeks, I am still around, but will only be able to update about one or two weeks once. Meaning I will spend rather little time on this site. But don't worry, it will only be for about two years. Anyway, corrected some silly minor errors, increased the song list abit, and made some adjustments here and there... Yea, those are about what I can remember. Anyway, have to be going soon, but I hope to be available in one week's time. C'ya!

      06/09/02, Tuesday
      After all the editing and stuff, its still going veeery slow... But now that I wouldn't be available for quite a few weeks, this site's progress will be temporary halted. No, its not shutting down, not after all my efforts. (-_-) Well, when I return, I will continue, that's for sure.

      31/08/02, Wednesday
      Phew! Finally! I spend a morning and an afternoon to finish editing the picture that is now the current background and setting up the layout of this site. (@.@) And finally I'm sastified with it... For the time being, that is. And yea, this is the first time I'm using that kind of layout for my site. And its the first time I actually edit a picture till that extend. PhotoShop wasn't co-operative... Well, maybe I wasn't good enough with it. Anyway, the main point is, the site is up, although there is nothing in it. But hey, gimme a break, will'ya? I'll put some stuff up as time goes by. For now, c'ya!


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