Dracula CHARACTER PROFILE v1 Ever since Crafold’s father , his source of wealth , had passed away , his life had completely changed. His wish to continue his higher education was shattered because he lost all his wealth because his father was taken away by the bank as payment for the loan he took for the house. He could no longer become a doctor that he had dreamt to become. He still did not give up hope. Crafold had made a decision that he would find a job so that he could fund his education. His search was not a simple task. He walked up to every door step of every house with the hope of being given a job but had no luck. Even after a fortnight, Crafold remained jobless. He went to all the homes in Transylvania in that time and still no luck. He almost wanted to give up. One morning, his friend Samuel paid a visit . ”I heard about your problem,” said Samuel. ”What are you here for, to laugh at me?,” replied Crafold. ”Relax, relax. I’m just here to help. There’s one more place you still haven’t tried to get a job. How about Castle Dracula? Its your only option anyway. Besides, the money you have now is going to run out sooner or later,” said Samuel. Crafold’s brightened up for a minute and then showed a solemn expression. ” The people who went to Castle Dracula never came back and those who came back were acting very strange. It’s a good suggestion though. I’ll think about it. Thanks for dropping by,” said Crafold. Samuel then bid farewell and departed as he had a business to attend to. Crafold felt very uneasy about going to Castle Dracula. Crafold spent the day thinking of what to do… ChracterProfilev2 Crafold made a quick decision to take his friends advice and visit Castle Dracula. Crafold walked to Castle Dracula as it was only a fifteen minute walk because it was near by. The walk to the Castle was a quiet one because it appeared that the road was hardly being used by anyone. Occasionally he would see animals such as rabbits and squirrels running around. While Crafold was walking, he began notice a fowl smell not far away. He walked closer toward the smell until he arrived at the body of a dead rabbit. The rabbit was brutally slashed and pierced into. It had a bite mark on its neck. He ran quickly as fast as his legs could carry him. While running, he sighted the castle nearby. Feeling relieved, he ran towards the castle. Upon arrival,.he knocked on the door. Strangely, no one answered. He knocked again but there was was still no answer. Heattempted to open the door. The door opened easily.Every step into the castle sent an icy cold feeling down his spine.Suddenly, he saw someone in front of him. He welcomed himto his castle and introduced himself as the master of the castle. His name was Count Dracula.He asked himthe reason for hissudden visit. So he gave his reason. ” I was expecting you. Your friend told me all about you,” said Dracula “ So you know I’m here for a job?,”asked Crafold Chracter Profile v3 ” Actually, I have a job for you. But you might not like the job I’m going to give you” said Dracula in a spooky tone. ” Congratulations, my friend for coming here without further reference about your friend. Do you not know that he is a vampire? I am very disappointed that he did not not do his job. Now I’ll just have to do this myself!”exclaimed Dracula. All of a sudden Crafold was dealt with a powerful blow on the forehead. He was knocked out cold. As Dracula sank his fangs into his neck, Crafold felt weary… The next morning I found myself lying on my bed thinking that I had a bad dream until I felt a bite mark behind my back… href="http://sg.geocities.yahoo.com/gb/sign?member=shieldofdestiny">Sign Guestbook View Guestbook