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RS232 serial communication hardware

RS232 I/O board

Dc-Dc switching regulator





I had receive a few enquiry in pico-log file convertion matters.

Those who needs codes for *.plw to *.txt convertion for pico-log data,

you can download it from here.

I also include a matlab analysis script, that I use to analysis my pico data.

For reference purposes, you may like to take a look.

I will try to do a better website to include pico-log stuff,

when I got the time.



Published Projects

Software Tracking and Surveillance using COLOUR
International Trade Import, Export, Shipping and International Trading
  Fair International Trade.pdf
Other References Electronics Tools and Equipment, Power Supply, Oscilloscope, Signal Generator









using 12Vdc to 5Vdc DC-DC IC chip

using DTMF IC

PCB fabrication

12Vdc SLA Lead Acid Battery Battery Charger

RF transciever and encoder decoder