22th January 2004

Happy Chinese New Year folks! Nothing much to update (especially pictures) as things are rather busy with school and my ISP only gives 2MB's worth of space. The Yahoo website does provide more space so I may dump more pictures (of my Macross toy collection and related stuff) on my Yahoo mirror site in the future. Took some pictures of my form class (1E2) but will only be posting one picture so go have a l@@k........... here.


11th January 2004

Finally, the Secondary 1 Orientation Camp is over! Really pity the Secondary 1 kids, have not yet gotten used to the new school environment and they already have to stay 2 nights in the school (the camp is for 3 days and 2 nights). I would have preferred to have the camp later on in the year when the Secondary 1 students are more familiar with the school environment, but that's not up to me to decide. Even though I only stayed over for one night, it was......... experiential......... couldn't sleep until 1.40am (last Thursday) and woke up at 5am....... luckily a cup of instant coffee (one before I finally slept and one after I woke up) plus 2 tons of sugar did the trick.


3rd January 2004

Happy New Year!! School already started and it's back to school, boring!!! *yawn* Have to start coming early to school, I swear, it's a drag. At that sort of timing I usually just entered dreamland. :) I will be having my own form class (1E2), got alot of paper and administrative work to do. Will be attending the Secondary 1 orientation camp (3 days 2 nights) in the school, blast, where's my hammock?? Campfire?? Hmm, if only I could tie some of my "favorite" students near the campfire and roast them......... I like it well-done....... :))


Update (as of 29th December 2003):

Took some pictures of my Super VF-1J and posted them up on my Macross page. Go have a @@. It's a real beauty. Would have loved to put them up earlier but kindaof hard trying to pry myself away from the TV set. Reason?? DVDs, Xbox, PS2, Gamecube....... you get the picture :)) Also, I recently upgraded my PC (new CPU, motherboard, harddisk, DVD ROM drive, CDRW drive, new powersupply, blah, blah, blah), so it took me a while to get everything installed back onto my harddisk. So go have a @@ at my new toy, by the order of the Supreme Commander, UNSPACY, William Gunn!! ;)


Finally the Officer Cadet Course (OCC) ended and I'm back, though a bit "cooked" due to tanning (^_^;;;)




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22th November 2003

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