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Hey guys! I think itz been more than a year since I updated this page yeah.. Hahaha. Anyway I'm now in NUS majoring in Chemistry. I must say I'm a happy undergrad now, save for some weird style of management that NUS has, that makes me quite unhappy sometimes. Hell anyway I'm now with the NUS Kendo Kai, and recently, my mate has left for Australia to pursue a degree in medicine. Well I am happy for her, but somehow have lost some motivation to continue doing well in Kendo. Anyway, here are some pics we took at her house the night before she left.. Sobzz [added 15 Apr 16:48]
HEY guys! itz been a super super long long time ever since i stepped in to my cyber home. don't you guys think i should do something about this page? give it a fresh new look, new layout, new colours even new content? I've finally finished my 'A' Levels and i'm very proud to say that i did much better than i expected! juz wanted to share my joy :PPpppPPPpp

so now, I'm extremely happy to tell you guys that I'm in a wonderful relationship with this great guy who treats me like treasure. wow! yummy sweet eh! hee hee anyway, i've added 2 new links and made a little bit of updates here and there. do check them out yeah! been very busy working ya know!
[added 26 April 20:19]
alright.. take a journey to Chek Jawa, at Pulau Ubin. lotsa marine life, flora & fauna there. itz abt the only natural place left belonging to SG and sadly, itz going to be reclaimed soon!!!! damn

[added 05 Dec 14:08]
itz been a long time!! well was busy with my exams.. the big 'A's are coming! and in 2 weeks time, my "holidays" start but still gotta study. by the way, i've fallen in love with a ring i saw in a picture recently. if you guys noe where i can buy it, let me know the place as well as the price okay? thanks.. you can let me know by email: akutenshi@shymail.com or hisou.tenshi@badgirl.co.jp
[added 30 September 15:24]
added a jpop search engine! very useful.. check it out okay? itz right here
[added 19 Aug 15:14]
added new photos! check them out!
[added 29 July 02:19]

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