June 28, 2004 >>> Monday

  Hey peeps!

Thxs for dropping by though I've been away for months.

Anyway, I've moved over to www.squeaking.blogspot.com.

Hope to meet all of you there! Take care all! 

March 11, 2004 >>> Thursday

Got back all my test results in the past few days. Disappointed at some grades but guess it’s pretty true that normally what you think is best will turn out to be the worst. Hmm, just got to get over it and start to mug really hard for the rest of the term. Certainly won’t want any ‘misfortune’ to happen in this final semester of mine. *touchwood* Now, gonna concentrate on all the assignments coming up and of course, start rushing for deadlines. A big NO NO to last minute work. At least I hope so.

*shivers* the cool breeze never fail to come these days especially at nights. It’s really a great great weather to pig in. Haha. Ok, time for me to cuddle myself in bed now. Nightx, peeps!

March 04, 2004 >>> Thursday

What's up next?? *ponders*

I’ll be off from my tertiary school life in about another 2 more months. It’s kind of scary at the thought of graduating esp when I’ve no idea where I’m heading towards. Seems like I’m still pretty much in the own world of mine. Of course I do have my own ambitions since young. Wanted to grow up to be a teacher, a counselor, an executive in hotel management and a Chinese deejay. Hmm...all the great thoughts...yeah. But are they going to be the right choice for me or is it just a dream? I’ve certainly got no idea about it. It’s really time for me to think of my next path.

Anyway, I'm feeling much better now but yet to recover my voice. And I sound really terrible now. Haha. Ok, back to prepare my last paper tmr. Gonna give it a final shot.

feeling like a lost sheep now... 

March 01, 2004 >>> Monday

Sick...Sick...Sick !

Didn't they learn about the punctuation FULL STOP?
Time to stop the war, BUGS!
At least let me have some peace for my paper tmr...won't want to fill the exam room with virus or rather fill the exam table with tissues.

U bugs! Be good and I'll give U a better look next time. 

February 28, 2004 >>> Saturday

I'm back !

Was on an unannounced hiatus of 59 days. Why the sudden disappearance? No specific reasons. Just to take a break. I’ve had enough of rest so here I am, back with a new look and of course, to bug all of you again. Memories are flooding my mind right now. There’s so much I want to share and confide about. Really alot.

Till now, 2004 seems to be filled with lots of ups and downs. And it’s certainly seems to be a busy year so far. Somehow, I also named February as the “Upsetting friendship” month.

First day of my final tertiary semester was pretty usual like any other days. Nothing special. Nothing shocking. Modules for this semester seem to be a double dosage of what I get in the past. “All of you should perform even better since you have gone through your attachment.” I never fail to hear this in one of the lecturer’s lesson. He’s a slacker like any of us but yet expecting so much. WTF. Had my first project presentation for his module last week. All of us were so pissed by his attitude. Imagine having a listener who is so impatient and keeps on interrupting by asking you to skip the ppt slides. Moreover, he’s a lecturer. Just to console ourselves: another few more months to go.

Anyway, had my first experience of setting up a Valentine’s Day booth in campus. Preparation work to be done was indeed alot, brainstorming on what to sell, where to get the goods at a cheaper rate, how to attract people, the publicity, the collaborating work as a team…and many more. Really a relief knowing that it was a success and most importantly, there’s profit. At least the effort is worth it. Seeing how the guys settle down to help was an encouraging and comforting sight. It’s like though they didn’t do much, but they will never complain when we need their help.

Now, the saddening part is how I lost a friend cos’ of this event. Perhaps I was kinda harsh on the phone conversation but it’s really something important and I hate it when he’s treating everything as if it’s so simple and sounding as if I’m like making a fuss out of it. I’m definitely not. We were on cold war on the 2nd day of the booth but I initiated by saying a “Thxs and bye” at the end of the day, but yet got a cold shoulder. Think I did my part as a friend but was obviously not appreciated. So this stubborn girl here is not going to do anything about it anymore but certainly in that part of my heart, I still treasure this friendship. Perhaps time will heal everything. Who knows, we might be talking and crapping with each other again. But till now, this hope doesn’t seem really well, cos’ we haven’t speak a word since then. I shall let nature takes its course. Small little disputes and minor arguments occur among other pals too. Luckily all’s well now. That’s how the “Upsetting friendship” month came about.

Study break coming to an end soon. Not much revision was done. Been catching up on having lotsa fun instead of catching up on my studies. Haha. Guess I’ll get down to mug on my Tues paper now. Take care, peeps!

I gonna lose my voice soon. Itchy throat.