Radiation Sickness Treatment

Unknown to computer users, facing the computer daily sometime for umpteen hours has given rise to " Radiation Sickness ."

" Radiation Sickness " is in actual fact over-exposure to radiation from the TV Monitor Screen. This accumulates and causes side-effects on the user unknowingly.

Listed below are the possible radiation side-effects

   Tiredness or dull pain on neck and shoulders

   Tired eyes and tears rolling down at times

   Dark eye rims

   If serious, pain in fingers, knee, hip and body joints

If you are affected by any of the above side-effects and would like to receive treatment for instant relief, call Master Eddie Tong at 67433116 for an appointment.

Method of Treatment

   Using Qigong

   Quasa - Chinese Traditional Treatment

   Application of other forms of 'qi', light and universal energy

*Fee    -    $20|- per treatment for half an hour