::H Y O U T E I S M:: I LuV this site!!^^

A GREAT site with loads of information on Hyoutei Gakuen!! (The rival team from The Prince of Tennis).. Includes other sub-sites on PoT - A L L S T A R S and RIKKAIZATION!!

.:Seigaku!||||The Tennis No Oujisama Fansite:. LuV this site!!^^

A GREAT site with tons of information on The Prince of Tennis!! Character profiles, music downloads, wallpapers, cursors, gallery(with Great Screencaps!)etc..


Prince of Tennis site! Great mp3s from PoT available! Wallpapers, gallery, winamp skins etc..


Prince of Tennis music site! Great and wide samples of mp3s from PoT available! (Screencaps available!)

Foreign Lullaby-a Genbu Shrine.. Great Site!

Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden site! Great site with a gallery, avatars, audio clips etc. You can also contribute related works to the site! Site with simple and cool layout!

Hot Limit  ver//1.0.. Great Site!

Gundam SEED musical media site! Great site with high quality mp3s from Gundam Seed!

More coming soon!