Adventure Training Camp

A bonding camp is organise every year for all Secondary 2 and Secondary 3 cadets from various schools in Area 5. This camp is design to test our cadets knowledge of the outdoors. Exciting activities such as Kayaking, Pioneering, Rafting, Orienteering and High Elements are conducted during this camp. They also have to cook their own meals which is also known as field cooking. They also learn problem solving techniques, communication skills and improvising skills.

At the end of the camp both the Cadet Inspectors and Cadets learn something new which may be use in future when they stumble upon difficult situation.

3 Days 2 Night Malacca Education Trip

An education trip was organized on the 19th November 2007 to 21st November 2007 to educate students from Singapore about culture and the different lifestyle in a foreign country such as Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur). This also teaches the students to enculcate the sense of responsibility, and to be independant by taking care of themselves and one another.

During the trip they get to visit some of the interesting places such as the Guitar Factory (as shown in the photo on the left) where they were shown the different processes which goes into making a guitar. Another place of interest was the orphanage where they were given the chance to interact with local orphans of our age who were less fortunate compared to us. The next place of interest was the tour around the river where the students and teachers were able to witness a breath taking view of millions of fireflies sitting on the leaves of the trees. Finally the last tour was a visit to a small town known as Malacca where we were given a short tour of the place and the history of it.



Air Rifle

At the start of the year 2007, cadets of St.Gabriel's Secondary School had a hands-on training session with the air pistols which is known as "LP2", and air rifles which is known as "Alu" with the support of my school’s Air Weapons Club.

OC Unit of St.Gabriel's Secondary School, Mr Mark Low organized this event for the benefit of the cadets. The main objective of this is to let the cadets have a feel of shooting both the air rifle and air pistol at the same time training their aiming technique. Weapon Safety is also a main learning objective as this will educate the cadets on the dangers in the range and in turn will benefit them when the cadets go for their .22 Smith & Winson Revolver Shoot.





National Day Observance ceremony

On the 4th of August 2007, Braddell Height's Community Centre organised a National Day Observance Ceremony and it aims to bring the community together to celebrate Singapore’s birthday. Guest-of-Honour, Mr Seah Kian Peng, MP for Marine Parade GRC & Adviser to Marine Parade GRC GROs was present on that day.

St.Gabriel's Secondary School was chosen to represent various organizations to carry the State Flag and Party Flag. A total of 8 flag bearers, 2 flag escorts , 2 reserves and a parade commander was deployed on that day, and they were formed up of Cadet Inspectors and Cadets from St.Gabriel's Secondary School and a Honarary Officer from Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School which were all dressed up in their Ceremonial Uniform.

Written by: C/Insp S.Subash
Vetted by: C/Insp Chan Wai Jun Melvin