My Collections


My Collections~!!!

xx-KinKi Kids' Singles and Albums-xx

xx-Some Singles, Cds, Vcd etc -xx

TackeyTsubasa's Debut Ablum [Hatachi]

TackeyTsubasa's Single

TackeyTsubasa and All Jr Concert Vcd

Kat-Tun Concert Vcd

J-Frenz Last Single [ Love me all over ]

xx-Some Koichi's and Johnny's JR Merchandise-xx

Koichi 2002 Winter Concert File

Koichi Official Foto

Never Ending Spirit - J-frenz Last Concert Uchiwa - Koichi

Johnny's Jr 2003-2004 calender


Photographer: My Dad..

These are some of my collections coz I very lazy to carry out the others and I have to made a few trips to carry them out and put them back...Coz the photographing was not done in my room...and the posters are rolled up in my drawer but I haven found the Keys yet...I oni take those that are easily taken out...Wellz I will take upload others aft my O'level exams...