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If you have not heard of Web 2.0 today, you are either a very new newbie or you have missed out a historical chapter in the life of the Internet. Not to worry, you can still brush up on your knowledge by going through this report. My purpose for writing is to get you focused on 2 currently hot aspects of Web 2.0: social networking and social bookmarking.

"Monetizing Secrets Of Going Web-Social" touches on:

* The benefit of being a Web 2.0 ‘puppetmaster’

* Social networking tips that leaves a lasting impression to your visitors

* Social bookmarking and marketing tips and where to find free bookmarking site scripts

* The blogging technique no marketers talk about yet

* My personal range of WP plugins

* Squidoo publishing basics for dummies!

You are going to like this. Please go ahead and distribute it freely and also save the e-book cover above.


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