This is not a story to promote travelling to this off-the-beaten track region neither an upcoming tour program. This entire site is dedicated to the sufferings of the peasants, and to the good souls who have spent more than 10 years of their lifes, trying to help and improve their fellow country man's life.

Some kind of fate binds us together.....Fernando (an Ecuadorian operating an hostel in Cuenca) and his wife, Lina invited me to visit the Oriente region. After staying at their hostal for more than 4 weeks , they knew that I am always seeking to understand the way of life of the local, trying to learn their culture and tradition ..... so they genuinely told me that I should take a look at this region.

Initially, I didn't even know about their history of involvement in this region and they never mentioned that they need help. Nor do I feel there was any ulterior motive. They just wanted me to see the real social fabric of Ecuador.

I experienced first hand the harsh living conditions and could not believe what I saw. Naturally, there was an element of resigned pessimism from these peasants and they don't seem to be too keen to help themselves. But that should not be the basis for us - the more privileged ones, to say let them continue living the way they choose to live.

Fernando and his group of good Ecuadorian souls have been trying to make changes and improve the living conditions of the peasants; and continue to do so. What I hope to achieve is to create a network of resources and give them better tools and know-how to solve their problems. And I also want to endorse support for their genuine work. For without such intrinsic acknowledgement, even the most steadfast person, will lose their motivation in no time.

Finally, I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to Andy Choy, a long time friend whom I have known for 12 years.... for his creativity and production, who has helped make this site possible. Also, thanks to Fernando and Lina for initiating the Spanish translation; and Yvette (Peruana from Lima) for completing the translation of Spanish text and Carol for helping to fine-tune the whole English site.... Cheers to the teamwork!

I would appreciate very much if you would send me your thoughts under the FEEDBACK form. Although I can't meet you personally to share with you our work in Ecuador, I would like to use the Internet to establish our commitment to this project and hopefully gain support from you. We would like to publish selected contribution on the READERS COMMENTS section, and we hope to get your consent should we select your comments. We would like to share your words of encouragement, suggestion or any thoughts with everyone. Thank you for visiting the TAY'S MUD EXPERIENCE and I hope you could pass on this link to your friends.

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