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News On Tension 天炫男孩

4 June 2004 Friday

The 15th Golden Melody Award will be shown on Channel 8 this Sunday 6 June 2004, at 7pm. Those who have not seen it on cable can now enjoy the programme on tv! Tension will be performing in the award show, look out for them!!!

There are 2 parts of the award show, the 2nd part will be shown next Sunday, 13 June 2004. Hope all of you will catch Tension's performance on tv this Sunday.

Cheerio~~ tension_ourstory ^_^

29/04/2004 Thursday 12.30pm

*CLOSED*Attention everyone!! Go to to vote for Tension "第一届"精曲奨" Register and join in the voting. The link is located in the scrolling marquee!! It does not matter if you're from Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia. Everyone can go and vote!

The Planet Love Website has added some Exclusive pictures, go and take a look!! Thanks for reading!!

07/03/2004 Sunday 09.20pm

The Tension 2nd Book is available in Popular and Kinokuniya. The 2nd version of Planet Love is also out in stores, it comes with a vcd! Everyone go and vote for Tension song in Yes933 and UFM 1003!

19/02/2004, Thursday, 12.00am (News)


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