GrandMaster Zhu Tiancai
19th Generation Successor of Chenjiagou Taijiquan



Master Zhu Tiancai's birthplace is in China, Henan, Chenjiagou. The master is the nineteenth generation disciple of the Chen Family Taijiquan. He started learning from Grand Master Chen Zhaopi and Grand Master Chen Zhaokui from a very young age. Having great passion and love for the martial art and under strict guidance from the two Grand Masters, Master Zhu Tiancai has perfectly mastered Chen Taijiquan. His display of Chen Taijiquan is described as "smooth flowing" and "softness," giving people watching the routine a beautiful and relaxed feeling.

With over fifty years of teaching experience, Master Zhu has compiled a set of teaching methodologies useful for both beginners and professionals. The art can be practiced as a form of basic exercise for health improvement and in the advanced stages can also be used as a defensive martial art.

Master Zhu has been traveling around the world teaching and imparting the art of Chen Taijiquan. His teaching is well known and received by international Wushu and Taiji organizations. His students are numerous and Master Zhu was honored as one of the four "Arhats" of Chen Taijiquan. He is also an international Chen Taijiquan Instructor.

Over the years, Master Zhu has written and published many books and video cds with detailed explanations and illustrations of Chen Taijiquan, including Swords, Push-hands, and many other aspects of the art.






Master Zhu Tiancai's credential

China - Deputy Secretary for China National Chen Style Taiji o Deputy Secretary for Henan Chen Style Taiji Annual Association o Director of Chen Village Taiji Training Center o Deputy Director and Senior Instructor of Wenxian Province Taiji Training Institute o Singapore - Singapore Wushu Federation Overseas Instructor o Honorary Consultant for Chen Style Association o Japan - Honorary Consultant for Chen Style Association o Malaysia - Honorary Consultant for Jingwu Chen Style Association o Italy - Honorary Consultant for Wudang Chen Style Association o USA - Honorary Consultant for 7-star Praying Mantis Martial Arts School o Britain - Technical Consultant Zhong Ding International Martial Arts School o HongKong - Chief Instructor of Hongkong Chenjiagou Taiji Association o Czech Republic - Director of Chen Village Taiji Training Center

Singapore -1987 Honorary Medal - Chen Shi Taijiquan Association




Chenshi Taichicise Centre located in Auckland, New Zealand was founded by Malisa in 1999. Presently the club runs classes in Grey Lynn, Otahuhu, Howick and SunnyNook (North Shore).

Just a short "heads up" for Year 2006. Master Zhu will be visiting New Zealand tentatively 2nd March to 27th March 2006, following that, he will be going to Austrialia for a week workshop follow by his usual US leg.








Chinese Character "Quan" as in Taichiquan


  The mission of the Institute is to study, research,

Address: 10111 Norton Rd, Potomac, MD, 20854, USA


promote and preserve the art of Chen Style Taijiquan in the tradition of the Chenjiagou (Chen Village) masters.

Master Zhu in USA.

Check out this site for Master Zhu's schedule for April to May 2006 or contact C.P.Ong for detail






is located at 6290, 103rd. Street, Jacksonville, FL –USA. The centre offers acupuncture healthcare and instructional training in Kung Fu and Tai chi since 1994.

Chen TAIJI training with GrandMaster Zhu Tiancai in the Georgia mountains ! May 5,6 & 7 2006

"Take a break in this Special Mountain Retreat, Grandmaster will be expounding on the principles and applications of Chenjiagou Taijiquan, push-hands and qinna methods. Beginners and advance students will also benefit from the summary of topics which include 18 set of Qigong and Silk Reeling, 13 postures and the 72 Lao Jia Yi Lu form. Bring your sword also to practice in the cool morning! Practice what you know and if you have any questions, Grandmaster Zhu will be happy to answer it! Enjoy the peaceful mountain spirit, scenery and train at leisure."

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The International Taijiquan Annual Meeting in Jiaozuo, China. 2002

2002 Nian Hui - Singapore Team

Taiji students, exponents and masters from all over the world gather for this annual event in China, exchanging knowledge and meeting each others.
2002 Nian Hui - Outside Stadium Before Opening Ceremony
2002 Nian Hui -Opening Ceremony Performance
  The Taiji Quan e.V. München (Taijiquan Association Munich) is located in Munich, Germany. The club supports and encourages training of all of internal martial arts and qi gong.



Master Zhu in Czech Republic

Book by Master Zhu Tiancai

Chenjiagou Taijiquan - Xin Jia Yi Lu ( written in Chinese with picture Illustrations)

Chenjiagou Taijiquan - Xin Jia Yilu (New Frame 1st Routine)



II Taccuino del Taiji Quan Stile Chen is an Italian site devoted to Chen Taijiquan. You will be able to find many information on history, principles, forms and links related to Taiji and Internal Martial Arts.. Check out the site for articles and video clips of taiji masters and also other interesting links related to Taiji and Internal Martial Arts. The site is written in Italy by Eugenio Ghyotan, a Chen Taiji practitioner.   piesenquan posture

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How to contact Master Zhu Tiancai


Mailing Address : Blk 81 Commonwealth Close, #10-101Singapore 140081

Office / Fax : 065 647 68135

Mobile : 065 96426165 (Converse in Chinese Language)

Email :



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