New Here

Hi, Welcome to my home page, this "New Here" section is made for those that is here for the first time. This is my second attempt on making a website. I hope I have done a much better job than the last one. If you have any comments on how I can improve on the website, please email me at
Well, lets starts with understanding the sections and what they do... ....


Section Function/brief info
Home This is the first page that u will see when u enter my site. It contains a number of stuff that make it looks like a portal. Actually, that's my intention in the first place, to provide a portal for people who visit this site.
About Myself Well, do u want to know more about the web master of this web site? That's me, find out more about me from here.
DownLoad This Section is currently under construction. I have no idea on what to put here yet, but I believe I can get this download section done soon.
BookMarks Don't have much thing to do online? How about trying out my recommendation, maybe that are not the best around, but certainly of a certain standard.
Online Diary When I was surfing the net for the first time, I was thinking, why isn't there anyone that wants to reveal a bit on their daily life on the net? Anyway, I hope to break this thinking by beginning a online diary.