Well, this is the most comprehensive Bookmarks page that can ever been made. Here are a collection of the best places in the World Wide Web that I ever went to. What? You don't believe me? Well, check for yourself... ....
Yahoo Hotmail Audiofind
This is not a search engine but a subject tree. Rather, the search Giant has turned into a large scale portal service, giving a wide range of quality services to the folks like you and I that include free email and homepage Do you ,er,Hotmail? It's seems that in Singapore, more and more people are taking hotmail account. Now, the email service has include a calendar service as a value-add service for its clients. Unless your song is way to old or way too unpopular, Audiofind can sure that song you are looking for you by searching websites for the song with similar words in it, but please take note that they don't search for Chinese song well.
Boxup NeoPet SingaporeOne Download Center
lance134 got their NeoPet at
 Boxup is probably one of the best site to download Chinese songs. Unlike Audiofind, Boxup categorized not the song but the albums according to the month it is released. One thing to note is that the file downloaded is in zip format and need winzip to unzip the file Well, for those who dont have a pet, you can try this online virtual pet shop for one. Beside allowing you to keep the pet, you can buy stuff for them too using NP (the current there). NP can be earned by setting up shops for peopl to buy stuff. You can also play fun games and win NP at the same time. A good place to kill time and relax... ... Well, for those with high broadbrand, this is a very good site to download. Every two day, some people with high brandwidth will upload certain files (MTV, softwares, installer, etc... ...) which they think is great for download. In fact, even those with low brandwidth can try and download things from here because it is really fast for people in Singapore to download things from.
CCS Neverland (Only CCS students)
Well, sorry to disappoint alot of you that is not from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, this website is only for CCS students with user ID and passwords. Ok,you may find many files at SingaporeOne for downloading, but the software that is downloadable from is one of the best. In fact, they offers a better range of software download than SingaporeOne Well, this is another portal service that is making it big in singapore. It is very much like Yahoo except it search more for Singapore website before attempting searching for foreign site. A great place to search for Singapore dot com sites.