Well, as a first- time programmer, I have make a little java game called "Scissor Paper, Stone". It isn't very well written but it was the effort that counts.
Anyway, here are the rules of the game:
  1. You are to play a mind game with the computer. You will pit your brains to figure and win the computer with your choice of scissors, paper or stone.
  2. Scissor can win paper but not stone( scissor can cut paper but will be destory when the stone hit it).
  3. Stone can win scissor but not paper( Stone can destory scissors but paper can wrap a stone) .
  4. Paper can win stone but not scissor( Paper can wrap stone but scissor can be used to cut it) .
  5. If the item was to meet another of its kind, the game will be a draw.
  6. PS: The computer will be a bit violent and will scolded you no matter if u win, lose or draw.
  7. By the way, there is no way the game will end yet, but I will think of a way soon.