.... Why the name "Ashley Tigger Skye"? We have no idea what to call him, really. Miss J from Reigning Cats & Dogs called him Tigger Skye, or Skye for short. Was told that she calls him "Spankie" too. We tried calling him everything. In the end, I named him Ashley, because of his ash blue color. We threw in "Tigger Skye" as well, it kinda made the name more complete. Hehehe...

blue bi-color ragdoll
born on the 24th December 2002
loves pit'r pats, sticking his nose into EVERYTHING,& being with his mommy, which is ME ,of cos...
Kiki(Ashley's missy)
blue creme ragdoll
born on the 15th December 2002
always the one to finish up ALL the food.... loves following one around, never fails to "knead" you in the wrong places.. enjoys the occasional mani & pedicures
Brownie(their baby~)
blue colorpoint ragdoll
born on the 20th November 2003
cuddly lil' furball that looks like a teddybear..