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Singapore Exclusive Beanie Baby Bear New
Sunday, Aug 19, 2001

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Bears for the Month of August New
Thursday, Aug 16, 2001

Five new bears were introduced earlier this month, namely Classy, Celebrate, Poopsie, 2001 Signature Bear and Pierre the Canadian Exclusive Bear. Classy and Celebrate are already on sale in Singapore, with the latter in very high demand. It was noted that each Ty authorised dealer is alloted only a dozen Celebrate beanies with the condition that they retail the newly introduced Beanie Boopers as well. As a result, most dealers limit one Celebrate per customer, or set stringent purchasing conditions.

New Updates

Monday, Aug 06, 2001

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Birthday Beanies in Singapore
Tuesday, Jul 24, 2001

On Jul 3, TY announced the arrival of a new series of Beanie Babies, the Birthday Beanies! Each month of the year is represented by a Birthday Beanie, having a nose that is beautifully adorned with the month's birthstone! July, August and September have arrived in Singapore retail shops.

Tradee the new E-Beanie
Tuesday, Jul 24, 2001

Tradee the e-beanie joins Speckles, Periwinkle and Sunny on Jun 26. You can order him online from the Ty Official site.

Arrival and Retirement of Addison
Thursday, Jun 21, 2001

On Jun 19, TY announced the arrival of Addison the Baseball bear. Barely two days after its launch, Addison has retired on Jun 21 2001, sparking off a world-wide demand of the blue bear. Addison arrived in Singapore retailers on Jun 21 and the stock was depleted by weekend. Its value has since increased to about US$50.

Patriot Retirement
Wednesday, Jun 20, 2001

Patriot the bear has retired on Jun 20 2001.

Huggy Retirement

Monday, Jun 18, 2001

Huggy the bear has retired on Jun 18 2001.

Dearest Retirement
Sunday, Jun 17, 2001

Dearest the Mother's Day bear has retired on Jun 17 2001.

Cashew Retirement
Tuesday, Jun 12, 2001

Cashew the bear has retired on Jun 12 2001.

Arrival of Mrs. and Mr.
Friday, Jun 08, 2001

Mrs the bride bear and Mr the groom bear has arrived! You may purchase them from authorised TY dealers in Singapore.

The Bride and Groom Bears

Friday, Jun 01, 2001

TY has released two bears specially for the bride and groom, namely Mrs and Mr. If all goes well, these bears will probably arrive in Singapore retail shops early July. Watch out for them!

Issy the Four Seasons Hotel Bear in Singapore
Thursday, May 24, 2001

Issy has finally made its appearance in Singapore TY retail shops. Each shop is allocated a certain number of Issys with different country tags.

Mellow and Aurora Retirements

Monday, May 21, 2001

Two more bears have retired, Mellow the ty-dye bear and Aurora the polar bear. Mellow was introduced in Mar 01 2001 and is one of the earliest bear to move into retirement.

Issy's Arrival

Monday, May 14, 2001

Word is going round that Issy will be included in the next batch of Beanie releases in Singapore. Keep your fingers crossed!

New Arrivals for the Month of May 2001

Thursday, May 10, 2001

Two new BB bears have arrived in Singapore, namely Cheery the Sunshine Bear and Hero the Father's Day Bear. Get them now!

New TY Beanie Bears Site
Thursday, May 10, 2001

Welcome to the all new Singapore TY Beanie Baby Bears website, dedicated only to Beanie Baby Bears lovers like me. In the months to come, you will expect updates on the BB Bears scene in Singapore as well as around the world. So, remember to this page!

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