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Samento, a vine, once hidden deep in the Peruvian rain forest is now available to the world. Samento is a very rare form of the herbal plant species Uncaria Tomentosa or “Cat’s Claw”, which has been used for hundreds of years, by the native Peruvians.

Unlike traditional Cat’s Claw, Samento does not contain a group of ingredients called tetracyclic oxindole alkaloids or TOAs. According to research in Austria, TOAs inhibit another group of ingredients present in Cat’s Claw, known as pentacyclic oxindole alkaloids or POAs. POAs act beneficially on the cellular immune system of our body. As little as 20mg of Samento may be equivalent to 20,000mg of traditional Cat’s Claw, in efficacy.

Samento therefore fortifies and strengthens the body’s own self-defence system that nature has built. Apart from POAs, Samento also contains more than 117 active nutrients. When launched in Bulgaria in January 2001, results came so quickly that within two months, thousands were benefiting from the product. Samento scientific symposiums then followed in Bulgaria, UK, USA and Germany. Reports have been impressive.

Some renowned scientists became interested in Samento and formed the “Humanitas Research Institute” in the US. A number of successful Samento studies are now on-going.  A study conducted in the U.S. in early 2003 shows that Samento is successful in treating Lyme borreliosis: an infection related to over 300 conditions.

Another double-blind study on TOA-Free Cat’s Claw carried out in Austria, has been published in the “Journal of Rheumatology”. The “British Naturopathic Journal”, reported results at a clinic the United States, using Samento, where 98% of the patients showed clinical improvement.
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