Abt myself >>>
Dreamer...sometimes known as a loser...
always indulged in the search of happiness, only to be rewarded with more empitiness within. Been taught to look on the bright side...so much so dat I hate myself whenever i start thinking about the negativities.

Strongly believe dat the world is unfair, but if it is, there'll be no reason for all of us to work hard to outdo others, and ourselves isn't it? Writes journal as an act of catharsis...(cos I'm not articulate, speech wise dat is) Have this hopeless hobby of waiting for pple to SMS me to console myself dat pple remember me...: P

Likes to read a diversity of books...from melodramas to biographies. Listens to a wide range of music...from candy pop to metal rock. Lives in a perplex state of mind...occasionally whimsical.

Would consider converting myself to a monk...if I can give up chicken, attain inner peace, understand the meaning of "universal love"...etc, etc, etc...

And yes...I always need pple to tell me who I am, cos I'm perpetually too involved with someone else... (the thing is...it mite not always be the same person...SH*T.)

Name: Quek Hong Shin Gender: M
Race: Chinese DOB: 18 April 1980
Zodiac: Aries / Monkey (Chinese) Nationality: Singaporean
Occupation: Student / Freelancer
Height: 183 cm Weight: 69 kg
email: hong_shin@hotmail.com

ICQ: 22022422

Studied in: Catholic High (Pri and Sec), Nanyang Polytechnic (Dip in Digital Media Design)
Served my NS in: 65 SIB, 3 Guards

Fave movie:
Not One Less, Children of Heaven [ the Iran film Jack Neo made a local version of ] Fave songs: Ji Nian [Tanya Chua], Tian Kong [Faye Wong], Ta Bu Ai Wo [Karen Mok], Chao Kuai Gan [Stefanie Sun], Linger [The Cranberries], Uninvited [Alanis Morrisette], Eternal Flame [Bangles] +++ Fave artists: Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Gustav Klimt, Anja Kroencke [Graphics] Fave artistes: Sandy Lam, Valen Hsu, Tanya Chua, Natalie Imbruglia, Julianne Moore +++ Fave colour: Blue, Black and White Fave food: Ban Mian, Mee Goreng, Hor Fun, Ice-cream, Strawberries and Chocolates. Fave places: Esplanade, Bugis Junction, Libraries and Museums [PEACE & QUIET!]

Hates > Squids, octopus > Multi - level marketeers [ get lost! ] > Sharon Au, Adam Sandler > Hot + Humid weather > Dry skin + hair, pimples > Smell of tobacco > Dishonesty

Wishes to > Travel around the world [ esp Europe ] > Be in the creative advertising industry > See my parents happy > Have no financial worries one day [ grab dat damn thing i like and pay for it w/o checking the price tag ] > Know the meaning of life & true love > Have unlimited supply of fruits, chocolate and ice-cream > Be able to do oil paintings > See and feel real snow > Have a soulmate... > Be healthy [ cos I'm not exactly illness free...*sigh* ] > Gain more bulk and weight [ w/o taking pills and gymming dat is ]

Pics of me (2 different looks, hehe...) >