I really have no idea if any of you pass by.
Yup. But anyway, just trying my luck here.
My old account has been frozen by yahoo auction for "violating the ToS"
I highly suspect someone reported me.
I think i do not have to name out who the person is.
Everyone also know who that person is.
Why i suspect so? Look at yahoo auction, SO many are posting illegal auctions there.
Do you think yahoo auction staffs go and check and close them down?
I seriously do not think.
If not, they will NOT be lying around.
since yahoo auction choose to protect her, i cant do anything :(
sigh, i cant post it at my this new account again
I really need to sell my stuffs. :(
anyway, okay. The deadline is long over
she didn't refund anyone of you i guess

I do not know if tvbdramafreak is really luvvulotz
I DO think so, but there is no solid evidence
I have luvvulotz's information:

This is how that bitch looks like:

This is her address:
Sherlin Guan
539 Woodlads Dr 16
#07 – 119

This is her HP no.:
93394670 (Not sure if it is working)

I really at a loss on what to do now.
Yahoo auction is not supporting us.
What can we do?

Her new id:

[NOTES:] For people who yet to get their refunds back!
Hey all. I just learn this tactic from my friend.
you can call the bank up and tell her you transfer $$ wrongly to sherin's account
you provide them the date, amt and account number (If you got Internet Banking, its quite easy to check)
they will call and ask sherin to transfer money back to you. and you will get your refund back. HAHA!
Cos it is ILLEGAL to own money that do not rightfully belong to you.
Not sure if its work if the transaction was made so long ago. Good lucks. And spread the words around ^^