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Senggarang Meditation Camp in Dec 02
Pulau Ubin Recce and New Year's Eve Celebration

The 24th Management Committee, NUS Buddhist Society

Guys of 24th MC                            Gals of 24th MC


A Tribute to the 24th Management Committee

Every day of our friendship is as exciting as
the rays of a new dawn. Time may pass and space
may separate us, but distance cannot alter feelings
and trust between true friends who realize that the same
sun shines on us all and the same common bond is felt in
the heart. As our friendship grows and days become years,
we will look at our friendship as a priceless gift given to
our yesterdays and waiting for our


Global Conference for Buddhism (7th and 8th Dec 02) at Shah Alam

Our Malaysian counterparts

Welfare Visit on the 25 Jan 03


BS Bazaar (10/11th Feb 03)


BS Exhibition Boards courtesy of Vivy


BS Day (13th Feb 03)

Cast Preparation                                                                            Cast Parade

Thinley's Song                                Our Future


24th Management Committee visit to Society patrons/advisors on CNY (3rd Feb 03)

Visit to Dr Ang Beng Choo house at Tanjong Katong

Visit to Venerable Manko at Fo Kwan Yuan

NTU BS Investiture


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