Vic-3 Technology Pte Ltd was established in 1998. It started its operation to clatter for needs of the end user market. Since year 1999, due to the market demand, we have expanded our market from end user to commercial division.

Maintenance of networking and personal computers has always been one of our main focuses for our corporate customers. We have helped our customers in initial setup, cabling, troubleshoot, network configuration and customized software development. We do provide outsourcing services.

Import and export of new and used computer products are our secondary business. Our used computer product and notebooks, CPU, monitors or full computer systems and peripherals. We have trading partners both in oversea companies on computer related items. Our oversea countries include India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and etc.

We have experience and are certified on maintaining and support Microsoft Window XP, Window 2000, Windows NT version 4.0, Window 98 & Window 95 environment. Domain networking, peer networking, wireless networking are our expertise.

With a team of experienced and certified professionals, we have successfully completed software projects using Microsoft Solution (Active Server Page, Visual Basic and etc), SQL programming, Java Technology (Java Servlet, JDBC, JavaMail & etc).

Your Truly,

Freddy Lim
Managing Director