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A Wedding Fairytale...
Martin & Carol

When I first put this website up, many people asked me what was my intention? erm... really... I DON'T KNOW.. I guess I just wanna share the joy of our marriage with all our relatives & friends (some local.. other's overseas)... Afterall, the internet is accessible anywhere in the world.. accessible 24 hrs everyday.. and ONLINE RSVP would make a lot of sense since its most convenient.

This site could also be a memento site for us... it acts like a diary that captures all the various stages of planning for our wedding... Subsequent years later, it would be nice for us to walk down this "cyber memory lane" once again to re-live those beautiful moments.

This may also come in handy and would certainly be useful reference materials for those of you whom may be planning for your wedding someday... especially, when we give a such very detailed account of our preparation of our wedding.

But if you are indeed planning for your wedding, there are also a few online guides that I found useful. Of course, the infomation offered by therein may be a little outdated by now but nonetheless, for someone who don't know where to start, its still good reference. You can always ask for their latest packages offerred. Go to these websites to source for what you need...



(for a sailing wedding)

Anyway, its nice having you viewing our website. Just sit back, relax and take a tour on our wedding site. Hope you'll enjoy the literature, sights and sound. Thank you.
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