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Saturday, November 09, 2002  
I'm so fuckin pissed!!!
was at Martin's house dis afternoon n i took a nap 'coz i din sleep the nite before...n u noe what happen?
martin stepped on my glasses n the frame juz broke.
fark..i was like so damn pissed with him..with myself for placing my glasses there n feeling rather emotional..
i cried like shit..i mean yeah so what if it's juz a pair of glasses?actually dey have been with me like 4 years ago.der was only one pair of that colour n i got's got sentimental value.i admit that i throw it around n more than once misplaced it..but shit..i mean i always get my glasses back yeah...fark..martin stepped on them n i said bye bye to them.had to stick scotch tape on them for the entire day..looking silli,feeling silli n my face itches where the tape scratches.
to make things worst..martin was so flippant about it..i mean come on..dis is not his glasses but hey..he could at least try to understand afterall he's the one who stepped on's rilli shitty..i had to wear my contacts now to study at nite..i mean who does that?!i HATE wearing contacts..makes my eyes dry n all that shit.
n u noe wot?i juz found out that's a deep scratch on the's rilli shitty..i tot that well,i could get another frame of the same design thou i'll never get the colour n juz fix the old lenses in 'coz i got it changed early dis year.fark all my plans are gone.
n the ultimate SHIT is that when i called martin to told him about the scratch..he juz dun give a shit about it n i was yellin at him n all he was interested in was playing his game in the fucked-up i like gav up n slammed down the fone..
no surprises thou..he din bother to call back.
damn him for his insensitivity!!!!

9:56 PM

Friday, November 08, 2002  
oh gawd...i'm starvinGGGGGGGgggg......
it's refugee camp for me again 'coz my idiotic brother ate up my HONEY STARS!!!!!!!

it's like 2 more days to A's...boy, i rilli can't wait for it to start.i mean seriously..i've been like waiting for it since i get into JC..
2 long years of waiting..dun giv a shit whether i pass or not..the wait is enuff to kill me more than my results will anyway.
watched Double VIsion yesterday with Martin..It's pretty good except for the rather dumb ending which made everybody laffed..a pity they din elaborated the Taoists sayings n stuffs...i was so sure the fire and earth that the Taoist priest said had to do with the main character which had both characters in his name..but the movie din tlak about that at all and the ending was all in a blur..i still can't figure out lotsa stuffs..but nevermind..i still like's well..nice.i like stories about people going crazy over religion and start to believe in immortality n stuffs...but Martin wasn't too keen on it..guess he couldn't understand the chinese..Hahhaha...alrite..that's mean.
i went to buy the doll dress yest at Tangs..very nice..i look like a woman-child in's like completely outta what i usually wear which is good..'coz i dun like to's actually a white tube dress...juz that the material's very dolly and frilly..n oh..i can't wear black underwear in it 'coz it SHOWS.hahaha....
i've been thinking that after my A's i'll go get a proper bikini 'coz i cant have the bottom of my current bikini..wanna get some tan!
i've got lotsa tings to do today...gotta get my fat ass off this chair n bathe..have tuition at 3 n after that i'll be too tired to do anything which means i'll take a nap,wake up to watch Kindred Spirit n it's mugging all the way again...
did i mention that i'm not going to the prom after all?'coz Martin can't make it...haiz...oh well..looks like i can save on the prom dress anyways. :)

2:30 PM

Friday, November 01, 2002  
I had a shopping list drawn out last nite before i konk out on my gawd..the amount of things i wanna buy is staggering..from make-up to clothes to toys..
did i mention that i wanna buy puzzle bobble's cd-rom? :)
it's mind-boggling the amount of things my poor suffocated brain's taking in right's like splitted up into 2 for prom stuffs, the other for my A's..
it's actually quite tedious..dis whole business of studying.being in the Arts meant that i'm destined to be memorizing stuffs for my entire school life..i dun mind the memorizing part.but it's pretty's like i gotta start studying i've got to spend a good large part of the day recalling stuffs which i memorized the day before before before before..blah blah blah..before memorizing stuffs which i'm supposed to on that day's like so dumb..n it doesn't takes a genius to figure out that i've forgotten most of the stuffs i've memorized..
anyway yest i went shopping with Martin.It's pretty fun..i mean i get to drag him 'ard the shops and counters..n ka-bOOm!i realized i've got more things to buy!hahha..i wanna buy stuffs from Stila, Prescriptive...blah blah blah..
n oh..i spotted the perfect prom doesn't exactly cost a bomb n it's a simple n elegant tube dress..just the ting for me i guess..
Martin juz called to inform me that his mom is like registering for his US Uni next yr at 'ard March..shit..what a distressing topic..i rilli hate the idea of him going to US...'coz it juz mean we are gonna be seperated..
i tink that's why i'm like not giving iin my all for my A''s like inside me i'm secretly hoping that i can't make it into U so that i can fly over to US with him...i sounds rilli foolish..but IS foolish...

12:04 PM

Monday, October 28, 2002  
gosH..can't believe it's been almost a weeeeeek since i last updated my blog.
so damn exhausted....i've got tonnes to study n it's *eekZ* last then 2 more weeks before my A's officially starts!
ok i've got a new resolution from now till Dec..i've gotta save up like 300 buckz for the prom dress n stuffs...
i wanna get a haircut n dye my hair before prom..gonna cost a fuckin lot!!!!
i haven't been spending alot recently..which is like a distressing thought considering the fact that i love to indulge in food, clothes, make-up..blah blah blah
i've been aiming at this Garnier facial wash series lately...i mean i would usually buy it without any considerations..BUT..i've gotta save up for my prom.
i beta look good on the day of the prom..else i'll pawn the stupid dress!damnit..i mean it!
i actually wanted to buy the Lancome facial wash series...the new ones that din need water to lubricate them or something...they cost about 45buckz a bottle n u need to get 2..damn i wanted that soooooooo blOOOOdy much!!!
.....until i see the price tag of my prom dress that is.....

7:08 PM

Tuesday, October 22, 2002  
I'm wondering if i should add more stuffs.You know, pictures..blah blah blah
Gonna get a tattoo at the end of the year..Some sort of rebellion against my mom again.
It's gonna be at the right hand side of my lower back.I've got it all planned out..this tattoo thing.
After my A's, i'll go straight to Far East to get a tattoo then borrow a webcam or digital cam or watever shit,get a shot of it and then post it up..'ll be on the front page of course.As to how i'm gonna show it as in 'coz it's on my lower back n stuffs..well..*grinZ*
Not gonna show breasts n stuffs..BUt i'm definately gonna play around with a idea of nudity.
It'll be fun to splash it on the first page and watch people's reaction to it..
In the meantime yea..i'll just keep my thoughts to myself n continue mugging...

12:54 AM

Saturday, October 19, 2002  
arGHHhhHH!!!!! I HATE zits!!!!!!!
Fuck,to think i'm gonna walk around orchard road with dis fat+red+swollen+utterly disgusting pimple on my cheek.

I'm ABSOLUTELY gonna play Rockfever today.My hands have been itching to slam some button since...eRrmm..yesterday? the last day i played Rockfever was i'm gonna give a shit about when i last played it.
All i noe is i wanna play it EVERYDAY.
In case you don't know, Rockfever's a game that's being churned out after the overnight success of Beatmania..DDR..Parapara..Yea, you name it.
It's actually very similar to Beatmania, just minus that fat disc at the side which you gotta turn and magnify the buttons..
yea so it's a game which i swore i'll never play 'coz it's like reserved for bimbos and the likes..Yea so i'm a bimbo..
any problem with that?hmmm?

I really need to get some pictures up..Most of them are like outdated..Especially the baby pictures..*grinZ*
MardY's coming to pick me up later..Then it's off to study..and PLAYING! Oh yea Baby!!!Which means i'll be standing at the Rockfever machine and him at the Tekken machine...I could never understand how he could splash 5 bucks on tekken in one single day until i burned 6 bucks playing Rockfever.Oh well..

10:36 AM

Thursday, October 17, 2002  
Blog Version 2 is officially up!!!
*cuTs some riBBonS*
Finally i have something to look forward instead of just going online to do some dumb lowlife research...
Today's a pretty happy day for me..School's ended officially and i get to go out and PLAY
I mean so what if i'm suppose to study for my A's and all that crap..
Life's a BITCH!!!!!


9:11 AM

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