This site contains the models that I have painted over the years. My models are mainly ACW characters and Fallschirmjager. They are all hand painted with acrylic. To view these models, please mouseover the various levels of my showcase and click to access.


I have also included a step by step description of my sculpting projects. It is by no means the only or right method as I am still in the process of learning and experimenting. I hope that through these pages, it can inspire the undecided to start sculpting and for those that sculpted, a different perspective.


Finally I hope that you enjoy your visit here as much as I enjoy sharing them with you.


Yours Sincerely,


Y Wong

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  1. Alabamian-sculpted
  2. Pioneer-painted
  3. M1859 Sharps rifle
  4. Alabamian-painted
  5. Prussian knapsack
  6. Berdan Sharphooter

  1. Diorama of 12 pounder
  2. Step by Step sculpting of Fallschirmjager (Operation Merkur)

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