Hi! tH@nK 4 cOmInG 2 mY wEBBy..
w@NnA nOe MoRe BoUt Me?
w@dEv@ LoLX..
b0rN 2 BE Ying Yi Ak@ Tofu the Sofu..
btW Im A fEm@lE^_^
thIs yR DoN't wAnA lEt U Noe ^_^"...
1sT CrY...26 Mar 1989..
mAdE In...s'PoRe..
StUdY |n hOu9An9 seC! :P
^O^ fL00d mY mAiL HeRe LolX!
SenD messAges to mE if U R feElinG DowN :P
d0n't Add me
unLess I nOe yA oK w^o^w

sweEps awAy uR UnHaPpy FeElings Aries
I am an Aries I am an March Baby Its ME and ARIES love IS in The AIR